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Friday Da Nang

Kinda my morning. I wanted the basic comfort food this morning along with a sidewalk cafe for coffee. Found both.

Yesterday was a longer walking day for alin. Roughly three times what she’s used to. BaNa Hills requires some commitment to see most or all and I think it wore her out.

I have this head cold thing so went to pharmacy and the pharmacist asked all the questions. Did I sneeze? Runny nose? Coughing? She sold me some pills to help.

The most help though is a Da Nang morning at the coffee shop. Remembering so many moments wherever in Vietnam I did this same thing for years.

Someone asked if I could would I just live here. Before I would have said yes unreservedly. Now I feel it’s wonderful to visit. This is my second time this year. But I would not have alin living here and that’s too much to lose. So I love this wonderful, funny and sometimes strange country. It was always a place I could go toward. Bored with some other place like in 2019 Christmas time. I bailed on Manila and went to Kuala Lumpur for the season. After 10 days and almost in to 2020 I flew to Saigon. Never felt like it was going back.

Always moving toward a thing. Except my country. I can’t summon the desire to ever set foot there again. The US seems like damaged goods and life would be so empty.

Until the end of my days I have realized it is alin I want. She’s happy and sad and gets mad and punches me playfully. Holds me close. Tells me I am her everything even if I am a barang. Lol.

So I just pose the words and remember her walking happily on the Golden Bridge yesterday.

Yeah life turned and Vietnam is a visit away. Just not a life away if that makes sense. Cambodia became so much more when I returned this last time.

Take care all.

April 21, 2023

Da Nang Days