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Friday blog post

Hello Friday and my blog. Beautiful morning in Siem Reap but this usually now only lasts the morning. We are edging into or have arrived in rainy season. By early this afternoon we will see a few clouds gather and then by 3pm, we will get some showers. Sometimes thunder barrels around and the rain picks up.

But until then I first sit with my wife for coffee. It’s a calming and beautiful place by the river. Perhaps I am biased but I think Siem Reap offers more beautiful, serene, walkable places than anywhere else in Cambodia. Kampot does not even come close. Phnom Penh is a disaster sometimes for anyone wishing to walk away from riverside area.

But it is these Friday mornings which lock me in to this city. My wife sits watching TikTok videos. I write a little. These days my only tool for writing is IAwriter. I don’t need to prepare text or use apps which keep things in libraries and databases. When I am ready to write IAwriter gives me a canvas. I also paid for it years ago and there have been numerous wonderful features and enhancements. Finally the writing experience is almost the same from iPhone to MacBook. Unlike obsidian mobile with it’s crazy menus.

I think on these things and when I just want to write, I want to write. Like now. Thoughts and ideas spill over the screen. Friday I think means nothing different than Tuesday any longer. My wife asks every so often what day it is so I know time is not really real.

Instead we sit quietly and I see her smile and laugh at her timelines. I don’t do those apps. No Facebook or Instagram or TikTok. Instead I toot. I won’t even try to explain it to Alin. She is our social media manager and I gladly let her do what she enjoys.

Friday will mean walking home. Walking alone because Alin will go to the market from here and buy food. Tonight she claims chicken fried rice. I’ve probably mentioned but her cooking is so good. All food. She can cook some Khmer food but I don’t ask too often. Instead she cooks a blend of foods. Potatoes with curry sauce. Fresh red fish with mushroom sauce. Spicy pork ribs.

So Friday or Wednesday means nothing but I will share a little beauty from yesterdays walk. I reached this scene I thought was simply lovely in my stroll in rural Siem Reap.

And with that my coffee cools. The canvas fills. Siem Reap waits expectantly. It knows I love it here with my wife. I’m grateful to all the faces of this city and most of all to the smile and teasing and even playful punching when I say stupid things to Alin.

Take care. Happy Friday.

May 26, 2023