Four years of blogging

Hard to believe but true. I managed to get for years of blogging into Blot. This took awhile to copy over to dropbox but the entire process was so easy compared to running scripts or doing other nonsense. If you browse the archives there are posts going back to 2019. There are gaps for whatever reason, but this covers writing on and as well as the more recent foray into WordPress. There was never a way I knew to get the earlier exports into some other service or platform and thankfully prior to all this, David at blot produced an export archive file for then. He also did one recently for WordPress which let me finally link up the years of writing. I think this is really cool for a few reasons.

  • writing for years on blogs shows a thread of desire, wonder, and my gradual movement to places which always seemed to be gradual. Months were spent in some places while weeks in others.
  • there are some gaps in the writing but I have also managed to recover many earlier photos from the 2019 to 2021 years which is cool. I could try to go back and fix some of the failed images over the years but it would be difficult now since some were probably lost or deleted and I would wonder if that were the image that was lost.
  • finally, it shows the pattern of a life spent with no patterns. No discernible motivations to any of it. I just went. Often times changing where I went because I wanted something else. This also is evident in the earlier writing where for years I had no home” until I reached Hanoi in 2020. Even after that, the time in Mexico show the pattern.

Pretty cool times and words to recover I think. I blogged before that but all of that is lost and I think that is okay too.

And that brings me to today. Writing right here. Using the blog as the basic place. Many of the reasons why I blog have not changed but some definitely have. Now I feel that is a daily endeavor to dig into things, find what I can find. Perhaps like those earlier days in archeology when RWR found a thing, puzzled over it, turned it around in the Mojave Desert. This writing now for me is like that. Maybe before it was something different or the same. I don’t remember. Blame it on age. But most of all my desire to keep on writing here. Now here on blot where the words run easy from IAwriter to Dropbox this morning.

January 15, 2023