Five Days in Orlando

Done with five days in Orlando Florida seeing my daughter and her boy friend. Also went to Disney World Magical Kingdom and Epcot Center. I enjoyed Epcot a lot more. It has technology, nice international park areas and great food. For a price. A high price. I bought two tickets for two parks and it was $500 just about. A lot of money! I doubt I will ever return to Orlando.

Next up its back on the Amtrak trail with a ride to New York Penn station tomorrow and then an Amtrak trip to Seattle all the way across the US. After 4 days in Seattle, back to SF for a week. Then I leave this place for home. Hanoi awaits me. Friends there to see and days to spend in idyllic pursuit of nothing. On 17 March I fly to Can Tho to see a friend and then 3 days in Saigon with my L. Finally two days in Da Lat and back to Hanoi.

So that wraps up the US and seeing family and realizing I don’t belong here and I miss the edge terribly. Will be so glad to get back to Southeast Asia!

February 1, 2020