First day of exploring

Today will stop at Cafe Thuy for a coffee and then walk some hours. I would like to get to the market by the waterfront area and look at t shirts. I found two yesterday in Saigon which are cool. With two more I can replace the ones I bought in the US.

There’s no real plan today besides the coffee stop. Just to go in the cooler weather and enjoy the city on foot. I had breakfast in the hotel cafe. Had homemade noodle soup which was quite good, fresh fruits, and toast with jelly. The coffee is only basic. That’s why the stop at the coffee house is necessary. So I’ll just update this as I go today.

So what a day! I’m just getting to updating the post. Went out for bbq and beers with Lily. Then went to Sao Hom restaurant for some spring rolls and beers. Sao Hom sits right on the river so sunset time is always good. The Saigon beer is always cold too and their menu is very eclectic. Now I’m back in the room. I walked through some decent puddles because we had some rain today. There’s many sides of Vietnam. Food and people and fun. But Vietnam still suffers from basic things like flooding and power outages. Sometimes WiFi is not all I could want. That’s why I have viettel LTE service. I just pay for a decent data plan.

The streets flooded here so walked back through puddles to the hotel. Know what? It don’t matter. Now I’m back. I have cold Larue beer and water. Life is fucking a ok. See you tomorrow.

October 17, 2020