Final Transition Things from Wordpress to Here_

Today I got to take care of some final transition things with support including dropping the business plan, keeping the domain I have and ensuring that they saw the correct things with DNS from their side and they do. They dropped my plan to the free level so if you want to find it you can go to my wordpress site to reach it. I will not delete the content there but I also won’t be adding any new content. Its kinda frozen at the moment I cut over as a free site.

So I wanted to speak to the moving forward part of things a bit here since this is a lot different and it kicks me to create new content a bit more. I have no goals moving forward, no needs for things that the site does not do now, no far reaching plans. I have a basic canvas to present ideas now and the tapestry is rich to do so. I want to also mention a few basic things.

  • twitter. I am not on twitter much any longer but I do have a presence there. I was using the instance to share photographs but now its just there.
  • trover. I use trover to share images of where I go.
  • mastodon. Mastodon is my favored social media site of all now. I enjoy the federated approach and how I subscribed to a instance focusing on the things I enjoy like photography but also meeting others with varied interests and following them.

I am on Facebook too but I don’t accept friend requests too often there. You have to know one of my existing friends to send me a request. Its mostly because my friends and companions in Southeast Asia use it so much but I enjoy the messaging part of things a lot these days.

Anyways you get the idea of this post. Its a farewell to one place and some basic introductions to the new place. I often decide on a whim to make a change but this is something that has been there for awhile but I did not see a compelling platform to move to until my friend Mikka happened to publish his blog there. I enjoyed the approach a lot and it seemed to take content creators back to a time and place where content was king and not the likes or following of others.

Take care all. Not anything to be accomplished here besides the writing of an old retired guy.

September 21, 2019