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Fediverse? Well maybe another day

I decided to check out the federation stuff using bridgy Fed. It is very manual in nature. I cannot just post and have it all just work. And I’m lazy. Well, very lazy. So I just deleted the redirect rules from blot and will just write here.

I mentioned I am active uploading photos on pixelfed. It is the only fediverse thing I can take these days and it is only photos but I can follow folks from other places if I want.

So I punted on the Fediverse because it all seems so difficult because… I am lazy. I could setup a WordPress blog I guess and just have it working with easy to install plugins. But I cannot. Because…

You know the answer.

Tada. I am lazy.

Walking today was nice

I went for breakfast with the wonderful side of the equation and we talked into the morning over coffee. There is never a rush or even a worry about a thing needing done because there is nothing needing done ever. I found a few little gems out walking which I herewith share.

This started as a ProRaw file which I then edited a little bit using just the Apple Photos app. I have a shortcut which exports in place to JPEG so I ran it. The real thing to me is the beauty of the scene. I’m always impressed with the quiet moments in Siem Reap on a morning’s walk. I don’t need bunches of expats or Khmer people gumming up the works. I just want to take my steps, take a few photos perhaps of the same things but cast in a different light because each day seems so unique to me when I go.

Here, the sidewalk leads me on after breakfast. It gently winds around the course the river takes and I can just go easily step by step. Since I’m going in reverse order, here is what I started with.

Breakfasts are always nice you know. The coffee empties slowly and the spirit revive. A little teasing helps. This morning reveals and revels in the sun slowly dancing in yet another order of our world together. Bridges always seem to be so much more to me. Siem Reap is a land of bridges. Just like I remember Melaka and Da Nang and all over Taiwan.

This bridge though gently takes the walker across from market to market. In the evenings, lights dance the river and the revolution of reflection always stuns me. Today though is the gentle day of the blog and the writing in a cool, dark room after something of a walk. I’ll go back out later and stroll again. Do some mindfulness because it makes me feel so much better.

For now, the blog lives without federation or some grand plan to be an end point by itself. Instead, I write here and the words do not explode out to find you in your distant worlds all tied together. I just write the words for me because when I do them I feel better. Even if I start feeling good, writing these words take me to some other zone.

I have been reading Mikka’s excellent journals on blogging and why it is important like here and here. I think we are again at some point like when I started way long ago on Advogato writing my feelings and finding kindred souls. Then it was Technorati and Mikka and I almost worked together there. The real thing though is not the places. It will always be the words. I’m thankful to Blot for letting me effortlessly create.

March 9, 2023