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February starts and Kampot beckons

It appears my friend A and I will go to Kampot and Kep for some days in April together. She wants to go frolic on a beach and I want to watch her go frolic on a beach :-). The trip from Siem Reap there is not really straightforward. We could take an overnight sleeper bus from here which is 10 hours or so. We also could go to Phnom Penh for a day and night and then leave the next day. The trip from Phnom Penh is much shorter and the buses leaves more often. From Phnom Penh to Kampot is about 4 hours on a regular bus.

From Kampot to Kep is a river voyage. There is a sunset boat which will take you down the river, provide food and beverages and also give you the evening views. Very nice way to go between Kampot and Kep.

Then we talk about the number of days. A does not care how long as long as she can be with me. I think a bit on the number of days. Perhaps that is a vestige of the western man in me. We seem stuck sometimes with how long to go to a place and then how long to stay. Khmer people are happy to just go. I need more of that essence because I still think in terms of so many days sometimes.

Counting days here makes no sense at all. Just like thinking,

oh I will do a blog post a day or I will schedule a blog post for such and such a day.

That does not happen. The blog is the fertile soil of my desire to write often. When I simplified the whole blog thing, I wanted to be able to effortlessly write a post in IAwriter, have the post live in seconds, find some problem and edit the thing there on Dropbox. I could do that with Ulysses and Wordpress but I disliked the friction of writing and I wanted away from yet another subscription when IAwriter does a fantastic job of giving me the keys without paying monthly or yearly for them. Just to go on a tangent, it is the same reason but even more so that I will never use the Ivory mastodon app. I cannot see paying $15 a year for a thing to toot, boost, favorite, and share my posts. I can use stuff like Ice Cubes or Elk and get a wonderful sense of all those. If Ice Cubes had a one time price, I would buy it. To me it is that good. Ivory just seems like a nice app hobbled by a subscription that really stops me short. I am sure it’s a wonderful experience but we are talking about creating little 500 word or so things or sharing photos or links, right?

So that was the take on both things which somehow combined this morning into one blog post about going to Kampot and Kep. Go explain that to someone that cares. Because I don’t.

I have this feeling I will be writing a second time here today. Not sure what that will be all about. It is only February and I think my Now page needs some attention. There is some now to talk about. Life has certainly become more interesting as February dawns. My morning room coffee awaits and this blog post is done.

February 1, 2023