End of my day

So finished up some walking. Stopped and got the signature noodle dish of Hue. Namely bun bo hue for dinner. Now it’s beer or beers time. Tomorrow back to Hanoi. Been a really good time here. This city has this certain soul and heart which makes me want to come back. The people are warm and friendly seems like the way they are throughout central Vietnam.

Now I sit at a beer bar dwelling on nothing at all. Just time ticks away. It’s always the way of it. Whether it was Tainan Taiwan or Phnom Penh or Vancouver. I always asked after a place if I would come back again to walk and see. Most places I would. Some I won’t. Hue has that something that tugs at the heart and soul.

Tomorrow back to Hanoi in the morning. Goodbye to the sweet and kind people at the Cherish Hue Hotel and their care and hospitality. Legendary Vietnamese hospitality alive and well.

October 6, 2020