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Early Friday morning

There is the obvious question of why. Why the F I would be awake and writing at 230am. To be honest been awake for an hour. Slept hard for 3 hours. This is my nighttime fate. And it’s the fucked up mattress that hurts us. But we can’t get new one until we get back from Kampot. We don’t have lots of money now and we need the money for what needs to get done there.

I don’t particularly care for Kampot. I’d never just live there. Siem Reap is like thousands of miles nicer. It has everything Kampot lacks. Nice infrastructure, walkable, cleaner. I don’t much like the expat scene either there so will stay away from their gathering places.

I’m getting sleepy so I will let this go until later.


Well not much happened except we decided to go to our favorite breakfast place by the river and sit and talk. I always feel much blessed by having this wonderful Khmer woman to share moments with. Cafe Soriya always gives the best to us and it holds memories. She told me she missed going with me.

We sit and watch how much slower Siem Reap is now. Talk and drink coffee. Laugh and enjoy. She dislikes plans and clocks and calendars. We don’t write things down or keep up with what we want to do. We just do. I’ve not liked calendars and planning and tracking this or that time for years. Alin does not even know what day it is sometimes. We’re a good match!

She will go shopping with her friend soon. I’ll walk home. Having a last slow coffee. This city holds me close all the time.

I wrote my friend AFT and told him about Alin. He is the only one from those tech days I still write and call and care for. Everyone else was ephemeral or in their friendship half life. They or I went beyond or sideways. And it’s ok. I realized some of those people from the .com days and beyond were just people. I’ve believed a long time friendships are based on each person giving and taking an equal amount. If it’s not given and taken willingly and without reservations I doubt they’re friends. And as I sit here thinking on AFT and the others I realize it was years ago when I left Facebook that the people fell away. Our tie. Our community. Facebook. Sad.

Soon I’ll walk home. Find little things along the way. But no more for this blogpost dear friends. Gonna turn this over. Yep carefully cooked on both sides.

Now it’s safe to enjoy!

May 12, 2023