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Dreams of a thousand Cambodian Nights

The nights now in Siem Reap stay warmer. A and I ran to our new apartment and decided to spend night there. We stopped along the way at her best friend’s house. They needed beer. I was dispatched to local store to buy. The evening was warm so I got some water too since we have not started living in the place yet and this was just a thing to do for one night. The stars glistened overhead as we left because the AC did not work. The tuktuk driver laughed and told Alin something funny in Khmer. Alin shook her head like the driver was nuts. They both laughed.

We ended up where the AC works. At my place. The curtains to my window are always open since I live on the third floor. Siem Reap evenings dance early to the places with music and patios and voices laugh and lilt over the distance. The night market sells. Bargaining done for goods. Pretty sure they have the barang price and the Khmer price since it happened to us last night too. Then the night skies threatened as A got mad at store clerk. We had to smooth things down with ice cream rolls and a fruit shake for her. A cannot drink beer for awhile because of medicine and she really misses it. So I stopped too. It would be unfair and perhaps lightning would strike from those Siem Reap skies if I drank happily and A sat there grimacing.

Then we slept here. Cool evening. Woke up a few times. A had to be up early. Dreams scattered around other places for me. Some almost seemed lucid. I blame it on the ice cream roll too late. The night at 3am is peaceful in Siem Reap. Bars are closed. The night market has done night marketing.

We drift back off to those scattered dreams where life always seems to be something else or somewhere else. Smiling, laughing, life leans into me. Warm Cambodian nights. Little adventures.

February 9, 2023