Drafts app, Bear, Day One

I tried a few days to make use of the Drafts app in my non workflow. The app has nice markdown writing and you start with a clean page and from there you just write. Perhaps it’s a note or a todo or a journal item. Here is where I have the first problem. I don’t have some todo app. Or any todo app. I don’t have any todos. So now it becomes either a note or a journal post. Now I’m at my second problem with Drafts app. If I don’t know if it’s a note or journal it does not matter. If it’s a note but I start it in Day One it don’t matter. If it’s a journal entry and I start it in Bear it doesn’t matter. Sometimes I decide to write a blogpost in Bear but it really is a journal entry. Share to Day One and it’s a new entry. I don’t need the productivity or organizational or project management skills that a workflow imparts. I don’t do those things. So there Drafts does not work either for me. It ends up being a note taking app but being very subjective Bear is nicer and more attractive at that for me.

It’s imposing an app into only two things I use. Day one for diaries and Bear for writing. And Drafts for? There is nothing sad to say. Even if I write somewhat abstractly it’s just as easy to do that in Day One or Bear and share. Or not. It does not matter. So perhaps it takes out the chief reason and method many people use Drafts. It also takes out any reason to use it besides cool app thingy. Cool app thingy is when you use an app because it’s cool and you can write about how you incorporate it and then it diametrically increases productivity and sounds. Cool. There’s an app for that.

Not for me though. Perhaps most people busy in life with fantastical calendars and massive todo lists and perhaps Evernote users find a great use for Drafts. I don’t do those things. And I’m not productive. Or have todo lists. I stopped all that years ago. Spawn of the devil and all. Now there’s nothing todo and no calendar entry and it don’t matter if a thing is in Day One or Bear.

End of the sentence and a period for Drafts.

August 15, 2020