Down this little street

There are some streets that I love to walk down time and time again. Yen Hoa is one of them. It winds down toward West Lake and the pagoda and there are wonderful little stores and shoppes all along the road. On on the other side, are small park areas and exercise areas and playgrounds. This photo is from a stopping point I often find which is a little bench with a wonderful changing scene. I often stop there and watch Hanoi kinda going crazy in the evenings. Back in the pandemic days in Hanoi I would walk down and just sit or walk to the empty sidewalks of West Lake. Then Hanoi was sad. Now it is happy and life glistens like the sun striking the waters.

At the end is the Paris Baguette Bakery and then along the road that divides West Lake and then farther along the road is the Tran Quoc Pagoda. This road divides West Lake and Truc Bach Lake. Each lake has wonderful places to take photos and just wander lost or found. I especially like Truc Bach district. It is on an island just about with a wonderful peripheral sidewalk and road one can walk all the way around. Along the walk can be found coffee shops, small bars, and restaurants or cafes.

I’ve felt that the starting point many times for some adventure or other was at this one spot along Yen Hoa. It is funny often it is both the starting and end for me. Just up the street is the place I called home when I lived here. Now it is still home. I think I’ve found a few homes. One will always be in Hanoi and perhaps where the bench starts my walks is the garden of my life. Another is the wonderful tapestry of Siem Reap in Cambodia. Each offers a thing to me. Unfortunately, one is only mine for a limited time and the other gives me a life to lead for as long as I want.

January 21, 2023