Day Three in Da Nang

This is the last day of the report. Tomorrow I fly back to Hanoi and resume doing what I do there. Namely nothing. Today though will be walking the city downtown, getting more pictures, and enjoying the beauty and uniqueness that Da Nang offers. I’ve walked bridges here and today will do the area by the church and wherever I wish to go. First off will do coffee and breakfast somewhere. Perhaps today Starbucks for a change since I normally do not do that place. Then back to the room and enjoying the AC and comfort and the privacy here of the hotel. This hotel is so very nice for me. The beds are softer than normal and the sleep is so very good.

But here comes day three! A final day to revel in all things Da Nang and see a little of the downtown area. It’s different now with tourism just about gone but the city is vibrant still and the coffee shops are filled with Vietnamese people that love to go out. Many of the restaurants I’ve enjoyed are not open because perhaps they cater to tourists. I do see the normal expats here drinking beer at 9am and doing whatever it is they do every day. They could be here or in name the city, name the country” it seems to me and do the same thing.

Again, this is more of a daily record blog post so I will update the post here in Bear Notes when breakfast starts happening or after with coffee or whatever I decide to do this morning.

I had breakfast at Starbucks and walked down the Riverwalk the opposite way. Took some pictures. Then went to Stranger Coffee and met a young Vietnamese boy learning English and his mom. We practiced some words on a piece of paper a few times. He was shy but waved and said goodbye when they left.

Today is beautiful but warm. I’ll probably leave this afternoon after some hotel time with the ac going.

Now it rains after my late lunch or dinner or whatever it was. I’m waiting inside the restaurant for the 30 minutes or so for things to stop. Maybe I did not mention this but da nang is very different. There are no Asian and western tourists here. Only local visitors and the occasional expat. It makes the city different. Not so lively or warm even though I see lots of very nice Vietnamese people. I don’t miss some of the tourists. There would normally be numbers of Korean tourists here. Some Chinese. Perhaps some from Singapore and Thailand and Malaysia. The countries are all locked together in many ways. Tourism, trade, industry, families. People normally cross all the borders as they wish for work and play and family. That’s all gone now. No one crosses into Vietnam except for very controlled access.

The rain is starting to lessen. Gonna go soon and walk somewhere. There is a bar called bamboo two which has this group of older expats all the time every time I have been here. Perhaps that’s a destination for a few cold beers before heading back. I did bamboo two bar and waited out the rain over two large tiger draft beers and watching the numerous expats drinking, watching sports, doing whatever they do. Then the rain stopped and I saw the most beautiful clouds and sky yet.

Here’s the entire set of photos of my little jaunt to Da Nang. This is the last time for me here I think. The evening gave me a beautiful goodbye! Love this city.

Tomorrow morning I fly back to Hanoi. Back for a few weeks and then I take the train to Haiphong and back over a few days. The time in Vietnam is winding down day by day. I’ll be both sad and happy to go.

July 4, 2020