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Da Nang Days

Today we go to BaNa hills in search of bridges. One in particular. The golden bridge with the hands holding us up. It’s an all day tour I arranged for us.

Tomorrow gonna do this walk I want. Over the dragon bridge from the hotel to the Han River. Wander around that area which is my favorite personally. Alin will likely explore our neighborhood areas. She’s not the big walker but loves to take shorter strolls.

Saturday we visit Hoi An for a day and see my friend Gordy and his wife for lunch. We will explore old town after and hopefully last until the evening when lanterns come out along the river. This is our last day.

Sunday back to Saigon for an afternoon. Not much really besides dinner at a Vietnamese place by the hotel and relaxation.

Monday we fly back to Phnom Penh and I think spend a few hours with Khmer friends and then head back to Siem reap.

I may not write individual posts for each day. Things are both good and not so good. Coming back was an expectation. Bringing someone to show them the expectation is rife with hardship. I have ideal Da Nang in mind. It’s reality is less and more.

When I can I’ll write something about what I see with this and how I’ve seen it go. Enough for now.


April 20, 2023