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commencing the escape

Tomorrow at about this time we leave for Phnom Penh for a night. Then we catch the next bus to Kampot. Kampot is good for a few days and I get to see a few expat and retired friends there hopefully. Then we go on to Kep which a resort village really right by the ocean. We are just taking two days in each place and then two days traveling slowly on bus or minivan together. Going this way ensure the leisurely and slower pace and gives us both what we wanted for awhile. Namely an escape.

Both places are smaller and at the opposite end of the country so we must travel to escape. We could have just left Phnom Penh the same day but then we are on the bus for way too many hours and it violates the Alin prime directive. She does not like long like 10 hour bus rides but she also does not want to spend more on a private car to take us. So we strive for the median ground in escaping.

I’m looking forward to both places offering up something different for us to see and do. Kampot is a smaller town but rich in restaurants and places easily walked to within the city. Kep is the real escape valve since our hotel is a resort style place right on the beach.

Photos will come and day to day travel updates will be frequent by me posting the blog and toots directly to my mastodon instance here. It is easy to find as well on some fediverse resource by searching on

I’ve taken to embedding the photos from my cloud photo app since it does so well with simple sharing of the photo images and I don’t have to upload the images to Dropbox or include markdown to share them. Blot really increases the laziness factor which is mighty good for escaping. Probably the best move I have made for blogging and I don’t miss Wordpress at all. I also don’t miss, Hugo,, or any of the other ones I have not tried or got frustrated with. The ease of publishing here, being able to get WebMentions working, having regular comments, and even webfinger webfingering is fun.

So them’s the escape ideas. Really no plans or goals since it seems I don’t do those at all and Khmer people don’t like them at all. Alin just tells me,

whatever makes you happy Mike honey

Easy peasy! And so was this blog post. See you as the escape commences.

February 12, 2023