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Coming back or going forward

I had messed around with Wordpress for awhile, hinted at Hugo and got tired of trying to understand it, and decided to just go back to Blot. This has to be the easiest way for me to just write and share from any of the devices I own.

I’ll add a few of this and that but the blog starts over again with new content. I deleted the old stuff and don’t want it back. Like Phillip would say where I worked,

Don’t look back. We are not going that way.

Anyways, you are just in time for some travel stuff too. We will be heading off in a little over a month for a week in Malaysia. My beautiful and sexy wife Alin has never been so we will fly to Kuala Lumpur and do the touristy things. I have not been since 2019. We will have some days to eat, take a touristy hop on and off bus tour, take her all the way up in Petronas Towers, and just do stuff.

Meanwhile look for daily or so posts here on life, writing, Cambodia, my wife, challenges, fixes, etc. It is all the detritus of a life spent avoiding all responsibility, tasks, work, timelines, bullet lists, shopping for groceries. You get the idea.

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