cold beer adventures

As it turns out I am sitting at a beer garden. A few 🍻 into a nice buzz.

I really enjoy the basic times here. Often I go elsewhere but tonight it’s a bia hoi. If you’re wondering what one is. Here ya go.

A wonderful, social, beer garden. I see most of them in northern Vietnam. Sit at a plastic table, waiter comes over and you say only


Then he’s off to fulfill your beer fantasy. The real thing though is the social network. It’s the getting together of people with cold fresh draft beer sold cheap to talk of the day. Perhaps meet friends not seen.

I go to this one a lot. It’s big and chaotic and fun. Filled with happy and drinking Vietnamese enjoying their lives. There is food too which is cheap.

The beer is not strong and it does not need to be. I come here for the social feeling and just being one of many people in a wonderful random place.

It’s cold beer happiness. I’ll wander to my room after a few more. The cost? It’s about 11k VND for a beer. That’s less than $0.50. But I pay for it all. The beer, people, the wonderful buzz, and finally just Hanoi.

So gregarious and open and fun. A pinch of interesting and the edge makes it all so worthy of living here.

Bye for now. Bia hoi awaits.

March 31, 2021