Coffee and Hanoi Spring

It’s the morning here and some restaurants still not open for dining in. Others like my pho place open but observing some distancing. So I had pho and decided to settle at the lake for decadent pastries and a morning latte and a wonderful spring morning.

Simply beautiful so I decide to just write a little in my IAwriter and have it end up where you all can read. If you want. If not, I’m good too. After all, I’m a boomer. Hahahaha. Boom boom goes the boomer.

As it happens somehow it’s the start of my second year in Vietnam. I was reading my diary of a year ago on Day One and I was looking for ca phe, having pho and thinking on a walk. Most of all then trying to settle down to what I thought was months only here. Then off to Cambodia. Of course, not to happen. The best plans of hobos or the no real plans but vague ideas often run awry.

I figure it’s ok. A friend sent me a link on Vietnam’s success fighting the virus and I share it here. It’s hard to imagine being elsewhere although Cambodia is very safe too. My friends there have let me know both Siem Reap and Phnom Penh are doing well but suffering with the lack of tourism. Much like everywhere here.

So a year into not vagabonding besides within Vietnam and I’ve done a fair share of that. Numerous Saigon trips, two times to Da Nang, once to the wonderful historic capital of Vietnam Hue. Also have gone to Quy Nhon along the ocean once but perhaps more times to Can Tho to see my Lily. I’ll go again in a month and also go to Phu Quoc Island again. So the vagabond lives! Ok boomer! Hahahaha. Boom boom. Goes the boomer.

So getting back to some writing and kinda peering ahead at year 2. No idea what it brings. I never do. I don’t even know how long I will stay. Yeah. That sounds good.

So on we go to more times. More writing and photographs of the stuff I see. Tomorrow is a wisp. Yesterday is history. It’s today and now meditation says.

February 20, 2021