Chapter one - beginning times

You’ve decided perhaps to read this. It’s a series of posts about how life can be when I decided to bail on the remaining years of cribbage and Sunday coffee meetups in Fremont, California. Leave 20 years of disillusionment in IT Program Management. A series of endings disguised as milestones of life.

Just to give you an idea of the level of my career in IT, my last position was maybe the best. I managed critical programs others could not get done, were removed from, or management believed could not be done in the time required. Two of the three carried significant penalties. The last one did not but instead had commitments from our CIO to the global sales team. I’m not sure what was worse. Seeing financial penalties or a completely pissed off CIO. I did have many opportunities to see the CIO pissed at vendors, contractors and partners since he was my escalation path.

The last project was an untried infrastructure, application, security and virtualization project which would exercise load balancer, networking, identity management and secure access of private cloud services behind enterprise firewalls without the use of vpn. You can imagine how much fun it was. Then they decided that a 7 month project was to be done in 4. Over Christmas 2017. We did it but it took all the gas out of my tanks. I was exhausted after months of 16 to 18 days, vendors that did not, contractors that would not and shifting requirements by our own security and networking teams. But it finished. And so did I.

This is as good a place as any to stop. The next beginning takes us to 28 February 2018. Changes are coming. Like the next day.

June 22, 2020