Changes are good

Going into my trip back to the US was a longer Middle Eastern thing. I would have seen Morocco, Turkey, Egypt and Dubai. Then the whole President Trump and Iran thing happened and more dire announcements about travel advisories and security in various places close to the countries I would visit. It’s not good if you worry about the places way too much and you are not even there yet.

So I changed everything and cancelled the whole thing. Now I head back to Vietnam for a year but what it really signals is an end to the whole wandering thing. I had known I would stop in 2020 because I had started craving longer stays and living in places for better than a month or weeks. I have gone pretty slow and do not count the places so really the change is less dramatic. What I will do now is fly back to Hanoi Vietnam and live in Vietnam for a year in various places I like. In Hanoi I will stay outside of the frenetic Old Quarter and out by the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum in a location I like with wide tree-lined streets and coffee shops and restaurants. The main road leads back to Hoan Kiem Lake which is about a 15 minute walk. The area is not a hugely touristy area which is nice.

end of wandering days

I have known for some time that I would stop the wandering part of things this year like I mentioned above. I just thought it would be later in the year. It’s a different mindset but seeing as I have been craving the slowing down and seeing my friends in Vietnam longer, now is the time to make the end happen in a month or so.

With the end of the days of wandering comes the need for a place to stay so I chose Vietnam. Vietnam is an easy choice for me because I get the place and it gets me. It’s easy to live here and people, food, beer, coffee are all good. Staying longer means more time to see things that may be right before my eyes. I also slow down and the days matter even less.

So the wandering will end with my visit to the US. I’ll get back to New York on amtrak and then ride it again all the way across the US from New York to Seattle. Then I fly to San Francisco for a week and fly on to Hanoi.

Changes are good and I feel better about the course of things now than before. Now its time to eat breakfast and see Saigon in the morning. Cool breezes often ply along the earlier mornings here. Horns honk and you can see the stores beginning to vie for business. Last night it was delicious Japanese curry down the alley at a wonderful little place called Curry Shika. Today will carry forth much like any other day I find myself in. Now I know that Vietnam will keep me for longer and I feel better. The end of one kind of wandering. The beginning of another.

Change is good.

January 6, 2020