Almost a month now on Cloudways Hosting

It has been a really great month with using Cloudways to host the blog. Gone are the needs to SSH in and do updates or worry about issues or problems. I setup the instance for my blog to be on DigitalOcean in Singapore since I’m moving to Asia soon and Cambodia wifi is a little different. But the main thing is the transparent nature of their cloud hosting. I migrated the blog using their migration tool and things just worked from the accounts to plugins to themes. I only use a few plugins like the WebMention and Semantic plugins which let me see folks that like or comment on my blog on Mastodon.

For me, the difference has been very nice and I just wanted to commend Cloudways for providing such a superlative service and at a wonderful price point. They recommend a bigger VPS but the smallest premium scale works fine for my blog. They login and do security and maintenance, manage the server. They abstract all that stuff for me. At some point I will upgrade the block storage because I do upload photos a lot but right now I don’t think I have much to worry about with storage. I can see at a glance how the server is doing with storage which is nice and also if I were interested I can see information on traffic. I don’t much care about that so I breeze over the visits and clicks or whatever the heck they’re called. I only write this for the creativity and sharing not for clicks. If you like the blog, fantastic! I appreciate all comments and all the kind people leaving comments on mastodon. But in truth the blog is for me to write. Cloudways just satisfies the itch to have something out there but not have to worry about it running on a self-hosted platform.

I’d highly recommend them for someone like me who just wants to get on with the writing part, the sharing part, the creating part and not worry about the “apt update, apt upgrade” part or all the other things they just do as a hosting partner.

In other news or so

The days continue to count down for me. I have three weeks to the day left in Mexico. I am getting rather impatient to leave. I’ve lived here a year spread between a few trips here and there and longer stays once in Puerto Vallarta and twice in Merida. By far, I’ve enjoyed Merida the most. The people, food, city, safety here.

But I’m ready to go. Phnom Penh calls my name I think. One day I found a wonderful woman driving a tuktuk there. Her smile says it all I think.

Perhaps that is the essence of Asia in so many ways. And I am going back in mere weeks.

Saturday always shines to me

It seems the weather lately in Merida has been glorious. Often the mornings are just beautiful but yesterday and hopefully through this weekend we will have beautiful and warm conditions. One of the days I will be doing a downtown central thing because that side of Merida is so worth visiting. Restaurants, beautiful colonial buildings, coffee shops. Its a 20 minute or so uber ride to where I would go. I like starting at one of the many downtown parks and then just going.

Today and yesterday though just shine. So of course yesterday I went out to find things and also play with a new iPhone camera app which it turns out is a lot of fun. The current play app is Camera+2 which does a whole bunch of fun things. I am no photographer and don’t want to be and I hardly take photography seriously. It is more of the way to capture my days and give me back all the memories so the iPhone 12 Pro works very well for me. I tried dedicated cameras and they always broke. FujiFilm cameras and Panasonic. Very expensive and I cannot see the difference in saving memories to my cloud storage or sharing on mastodon or pixelfed.

Now Merida has been shining in the days and I sit with morning coffee. Morning coffee on a Saturday. I hardly need to say only 23 days left. It was funny and interesting that after seeing my friend Maique post this on his blog that a friend would send me an unsolicited email about a job at this unnamed Linux and open source company. These days, job offers are few and far between thankfully because I just refuse those that come in. I think the last one was from my last employer that asked me to manage this data center thing remotely which I turned down. Anyways, the essence is something I have thought many times. I gave up a few things years ago when I left the whole work thing. I stopped with tracking time, tasks, responsibilities, ambitions, goals. All that crap. I bet the whole personal and professional productivity scene is replete with apps to help you manage your things. I have no things to go manage. So going back to work was never a serious contender. Work sounds like something I would never do again.

Instead I find interesting iPhone camera apps and I write blog posts and go where I please when I please. Ain’t it all grand :-).

Welcome to my Saturday. Room coffee awaits my pleasure.

Morning Writing

I set out to want to make a few decisions about some writing I’ve done over the last year and even before in notes and Day One journal entries and looking at the photos. What I had decided was to make Going West an online endeavor. I’ve gone back through the stories and made some changes the last few days and have since decided to not publish the stories as they are. I’ve tried before to publish on both a blog and a garden and I was not satisfied with either of the approaches. One did not seem to capture the going and the other did not let me say “done”. So instead, I will publish the stories as more traditional works but will also publish what I feel represent moments of the going to the blog that have been good, bad, or combinations of both. This lets me publish a subset of the works which not total almost 30 articles I’ve written over the past. The story deserves to be told because it is my story somewhat wrapped in fictional moments and people that are mashups of the real people. That person in Vietnam or Cambodia or Mexico. I can also share photos and galleries of the places easier this way because photos do tell the story. In the case of Hanoi I have thousands of photos after so many trips. I have never deleted photos or cull them. Whether they are bad or good they represent my story.

I am really happy this morning! For the past few days I puzzled on my walks how to treat this writing. I want the longer piece to be just that and whether it ever gets published in a traditional sense does not matter really. What does matter is the telling of the story and sharing parts here on the blog. I don’t have some criteria to share the stories but I also know I won’t share all of them here. So we will see how it ends up and what is published where and what is not.

In a sense of perverseness and desire, the first thing will not be the beginning. I want to share how Vietnam became so important to me. I have numerous stories I’ve written but I think this one tells the story the best of what I found. Look for that first with a brand spanking new category!

I feel that the writing and creation has been the important thing for me all along but taking a break for a few days from a social network has let me see what it is I want to create and share here. I found out that the writing of this story is different for me because it tells a story of an Edge always becoming something else. It is not a romantic mystery or whodunit with a wonderful set of chapters that all end with the hero winning perhaps. Instead there is no hero and no chapters really. There are what I called periodicals or episodes. Many of these need more work and I want to share the entirety of my fictional story returning to Vietnam. As you can see Vietnam has some spot in my soul and heart but the truth is it can never be home for me and I have learned much like a divorce in the past how to live with it. Not accept it but live with it. Acceptance I think is impossible for me with a few things. I am jaded and incomplete and have flaws and imperfections which stain and rust. So the stories here are the same.

I think I’ve reached a good point with how I want to continue to write the blog posts and interacting on mastodon, how I want these stories to be longer pieces which I share, and hopefully also will return to my longer work of fiction which has not been touched over the last months.

Thanks for reading the blog. It is my method to communicate, create, share. I feel like first is the blog and the writing here because this is something I own. I’ve made changes to make it easier to own by finding Cloudways to host it but what I have wanted is a service that is not a blogging platform. I wanted the freedom to just write on Ulysses, create the words, have a responsive hosting partners that abstracts the virtual server and Linux from the words being written.

Good times! Here’s a photo for ya.

And yeah. It is Vietnam. Hanoi on a weekend when the streets around Hoan Kiem Lake would close and people strolled and kids drove.

Trees and Clouds

I walked earlier yesterday because some weather was gonna roll in late in the day. This one walk or a slight substitute I really enjoy. I always end up no matter what streets I take at the Aleman Park. There they have shady benches and I can sit in solitude and enjoy the morning. See the trees and clouds.

I really enjoy the differences this time of year. It is warm most days up in the 90s or high 80s and humidity can be a factor.

Aleman Park lets me sit and study this little slice of the world though. The days slip away and now I have 3 weeks and days left. There is nothing left to do to go. The last weeks are cruise time. Take walks, eat some good food, spend the nights often with a YouTube video on archeology. One of my latest favorites is Time Team because the guys do this archeology I remember doing. Down in the dirt, filthy clothes. Reminds me of way back when doing the archeology in the Mojave Desert with RWR. We finished one day of work north of the city of Mojave in the Antelope Valley and the team went to a hotel in the city to stay a few nights while we worked at excavating this site in the right of way of a wind farm project. The front desk person audibly gasped seeing a group of homeless looking people walk in to his nice clean hotel. RWR was covered in desert dirt, looked like a bandit from some bygone era. The rest of us not much better.

The front desk person stammered out what we needed. RWR said rooms. I believe the person asked if we intended to pay. RWR had this boisterous laugh which he exercised. He then withdrew a corporate AMEX card and paid for everyone for three nights. The final need?

where’s the beer?

The front desk person was genuinely relieved and gestured toward a 7/11 store. We all went.

The Time Team archeologists remind me of actually doing the archeology. Not like the pretty egyptologists standing outside and supervising. Its dirty, painful, repetitive work. In one summer I got repetitive strain disorder from digging up human remains in Northern California. We commonly used dental picks on these habitation and burial sites especially around human remains. My left arm began its act after a summer. My room mate, the team physical anthropologist just laughed. No help at all.

So when I watch Time Team the real meaning of archeology comes back to me time and again. Like RWR once quoted,

archeology? Its the mind wielding a trowel


archeology? Most fun you can have with your pants on

Take your choice. And I travel back with the team in my own time warp sitting in Aleman Park remembering later all these little facets of my impure diamond. Turn one around and walking here or doing that comes clean. Others sparkle with less evident promise because I don’t shift their presence into the light.

Yesterday it was the tree and clouds and the sweat from the movement and the happiness of miles spent doing what I love to do each day.

Trees and clouds. Memories and Moments. Let us all revel in our own but with some I hope to never relive.

Sunday Morning Routines

I like to have the backdoor open in my airbnb in the mornings a lot. Merida comes streaming in but all the sound bytes are the small things to go enjoy from the comfort of a room and a bed. Good wifi. Instant coffee that does what I want. I don’t much like reading news on RSS so I deleted the app and accounts. I don’t like taking note of things so I don’t. I do like blogging here on cloudways now because I am lazy and they just take care of everything for me. And then I enjoy writing in Ulysses. I enjoy wandering around and taking photos I can then go look at and nod at the simple beauty of flowers that greet my walk.

That little sky at such a different color and the home behind but the infusion of the colors up front.

As long as I can remember I have enjoyed finding little things that trigger appreciation, sadness, fantasy and then taking photos of them. Then I present them back to you so you can see the things I enjoy finding but perhaps you can go out and find your own things completely different and share them.

The routines on Sunday also include wandering down to Starbucks later in the morning for Starbucks Sunday which is grilled cheese and cold brew and relaxing and people watching. Perhaps reading my kindle book on the iPhone. I did think briefly on buying another Kindle. This time the PaperWhite. Truth is I don’t like real books, real paper, real pens. They all carry maintenance and storage requirements and some require multiple little pieces of things. Pens need ink. Etc. I guess they are all things.

So Sunday routines no matter where seem to be similar. I won’t spend a Sunday in the United States this time when I go back. For that I am thankful. Three days seem just enough to dislike the place even more than I normally do.

But now it is this Sunday in Merida. A place I will miss somewhat but never return to. I think that fact gives me a sense of freedom that I choose where I go and where I return to. What I read news on or not. What little things grab me on a Sunday morning and the sun streaming through the window and door lets me find little moments that perhaps I take for granted. I remember sitting in a room in Phnom Penh or Taipei and hearing those cities come alive in the mornings but no place was like Hanoi. There each day was a rhythm of life and people. Here quiet resides on my Sunday.

I like both and the in-between parts. Happy Sunday.

To Starbucks we went

Tonight was fun! My friend Celia and I went to Starbucks for evening coffee and talking in a mix of my Spanish and her English. She’s a charming woman with the most beautiful grey blue eyes. She has a very inquisitive and charming heart and soul so drinking coffee with her becomes very nice as we share photos of places in Mexico and beyond. She loves to talk about Asia and asks a lot of questions about the people there, what life is like there, and whether I will come back to Merida ever. The last question is always the most difficult.

We always end up talking about favorite places and for me, the photos and peace and solitude and happiness at Bacalar had to be my place. I just felt like life was operating on no cylinders and did not not need to go in any direction at all. The lagoon after all does all that work for us. It changes colors to 7 sometimes from wonderful purples and almost pinks to dark and light blues. Like I’ve mentioned there is also the spirit of the place. Celia and I both agree that Bacalar is a magical place.

It is just the pace of life that gets us both there. There is the forever mañana of it all. I could stay months there and believe time was not in force at all. The days would just slide by even easier than here because when I finished with the morning coffee at a small cafe, I would probably amble down to the lagoon and drink a beverage or three and just watch the birds and the small boats glide by and find that sublime color touching so many parts of me.

We talk about all that in simpler terms and I think Mexican people get it all better than most. There is the sense of slowing down, of finding nothing, of going nowhere. Even here in busy Merida the last few days have been idyllic. In the middle of the rainy season, we were given two rather beautiful sunny days. The nights though cool off and to walk as the air wander through the streets and parks brings out the peace in my soul.

We agreed that this is kind of the state of Mexico but I think Yucatan especially is like this. Merida can be busy with donut shops and upscale malls but still there are quiet little streets and neighborhoods with stately homes I have never tired of finding. Homes like this one with tints of colors and age but still beauty and this solitary look. I love finding all the character of the homes here because each one has this unique feeling much like perhaps those that live in them.

Perhaps it is Starbucks that brings it all out. Siting with a beautiful woman with flashing grey blue eyes, a wonderful sense of humor. A woman my age that offers to drive me wherever I may want to go but we always start with coffee. Tonight we could not go to the Park de la Americas because I wanted to call my daughter. But we will meet with the family for dinner one night. Because that is another thing here. People love to eat and drink and laugh. Away from guns and conspiracy and bad news in the RSS feed.

And I’ll miss all that but where I am going is not back to a thing but forward. I’m pretty sure before then we will do coffee and then dinner again. Perhaps some Yucatecan food that she cooks or a nicer place out.

Starbucks is nice for a start though. Sometimes family is found in wonderful places and friendships come along for me only rarely. I think perhaps my six months in Merida has yielded both.

A year in Mexico, Part 2

My Wandering around in Mexico

I think part of the joy of a year spent in Mexico was also going to some places. I particularly wanted to visit places I had not been before.

I decided my last months I would find a few places I wished to visit and just go. This is a record of the places.

Wandering Merida

I have been in Merida twice and enjoyed both times but the love affair is about the going here. A lot of walks in local neighborhoods, to coffee shops and restaurants, downtown to the central district. I figure that of all the places wandering, Merida has treated me the best. Merida is one of the cities where there is simply more. More around the block. More to the people. More to the food. More to the joy of just living here. I lived in two different districts and found joy and fun in both. The best way perhaps is to take a look at the photo galleries and you can see my day to day adventures. If you want both the photo albums you are in luck. Here is the first one and here’s the last which is still being added to on my remaining daily adventures in Merida.

La Paz Mexico

From June 6 to 10th, I headed to La Paz Mexico for a week. La Paz is in Baja and I had never been there. So I did some research to see what other people said were things and then I either avoided them or did them. Several things mentioned that I took from Wikipedia around the culture and history but I also searched on Google Maps for restaurants, breakfast, coffee, and beer. The stuff that came out basically showed me restaurants and coffee shops in different directions from my Airbnb, different ways to reach the Malecon and see the city, and the downtown and central districts. Then I just divided things into days of walking and either changed everything or did something different each day. Most days I walked about 5 miles and then would stop and get cheap food and take to the room.

My days in La Paz were spent walking from my Airbnb in a few different directions to see different parts of the city I found on Google Maps or from wikipedia or just wandering around. I managed to find wonderful breakfast places every day no matter what direction I went. My Airbnb was located about a mile from the Malecon and less from the historic and business districts..

La Paz
La Paz

The next day I walked a different direction down to the beginning of the Malecon and by the boat docks. I came to the Malecon and decided I should have a few beers by the ocean so I found a nice small bar with outdoor tables. This is a common thing along this beachwalk. There are lots of small pubs and cafes from which to order cold beer and food.

I also walked to the historic district to see the older section of town and then find the shops and smaller malls and mercados that La Paz is known for.

Historic District La Paz
Historic District La Paz

Another favorite was the central district with older buildings and a lot of charm. This street was really cool with the wonderful buildings, shops, the barber. If you are looking for the Malecon it is just right past this district. Easy to get around La Paz on foot.

Downtown La Paz
Downtown La Paz

What were some of the best things? If you come here I hope you like breakfast. Like some Chilaquiles!

Chilaquiles in La Paz
Chilaquiles in La Paz

There are some mighty good breakfast spots. Just pick one on google maps. The people. Wonderful people here. Everyone’s friendly and open whether with English or not but a lot of people speak English. Don’t let language deter you. Just go to Mexico. Finally the walking. I had a great time doing my daily walks. I just went in arbitrary directions and streets. Fun times. I think La Paz would have been a wonderful city to live in for awhile.

My gallery of all photos is here.

Yucatan Tour

The Yucatan tour took us across the Yucatan area for 5 days to see a variety of archeological sites and visit wonderful beaches and smaller cities across the Yucatan.

I found the tour on Yucatan Magazine. I had decided I wanted to find some things that would take me through the end of my time in Mexico in a big way. This tour and its itinerary seemed like the best way to see a variety of the state and also take in a number of archeological sites. The other thing is staying at upscale hotels along beaches and just doing that lifestyle for a week. It costs some money but life costs some money too. We visited a few places and some beautiful archeological sites along the way. I’ll just focus on the highlights here.

Archeological sites

We visited three archeological sites but the mosquitoes were so bad at the last one we all left. The sites are just beautiful and not visited (perhaps because of those flying critters). It was easy to climb around on the ruins but for some reason just like at other sites, the stairs are meant as challenges I think.


My favorite spot of the tour and I love the photos from there. It was so peaceful and serene each day to just see the lagoon, find the peace and solitude of the moments. We also went into the Magical Village of Bacalar which is very nice and kind of touristy with shops and restaurants and an old fort. Our dinner at a restaurant overlooking the lagoon was very nice.

Bacalar and its Lagoon
Bacalar and its Lagoon

The downtown part of Bacalar is cool too and lives up to its Magic Town description. The views are of an old fort, small shoppes and restaurants along a central plaza area. Very cool. Always within reach though is the beautiful lagoon of so many colors. You can see why this place just captured me so well.

Bacalar Beauty
Bacalar Beauty

Puerto Aventuras

Probably my least favorite place. Just a gated community with everything one needs besides some real Mexico. Restaurants, gift shops, walking trails, boat docks, residences for the big timers. I really did not get a lot out of it besides a nice room and a few walks and expensive food. Breakfast in the mornings was pretty nice but I just spent time in the room. I think at this point I had reached a sum total with the other guests on the tour. I became I guess anti-social. Not that I ever am social but I found them rather noxious and irritating and I’m sure they found me the same way. I have never done good with a group of the same people in a continuous day by day thing. These people were all expats living in Merida except for one woman from Australia. I have this overall impression of expats the world over. I don’t like them.

Puerto Aventuras
Puerto Aventuras

I’m just being honest here and assessing what I found to be the worst part of the tour. The human part.

My photo gallery for the tour is here.

Finale. (no such thing!)

What is beautiful is so subjective. You think natural world. I think a wall with flowers of red and blue creeping over a wall with intricate patterns. Perhaps for you is something you work so hard on. Post processing and editing. I don’t wish to edit and post process. What I wish is just the ease. An iPhone 12 Pro does that. I capture my beautiful places simply going. Perhaps a walk. Or a Uber ride. A trip to a mall.

So everything wraps up on 6 September 2022. I know because I booked the flight to leave. I’ve had a great time in Mexico. Got to see a few places, meet people that were kind and authentic and funny. When September rolls around this story will have been told but the words will remain forever to be written. This is the thing about how I go and never truly arrive. Each place seems to live on in photographs and writing and people.

There’s not a point where I can really say “finale” to Mexico. I have a lot of feelings about being here that won’t just fade away into some sunset and I realized it on the tour watching the sunset over the beautiful lagoon at Bacalar. Just like before watching the sunset over West Lake in Hanoi. Now it is Mexico which has so much to offer but I realized I cannot just sit still. I have to be going. Feeling the slow movement of no finales. No ends. But always moments to come.

What happens in September is I go to Southeast Asia to live. Hello Cambodia!

Thanks for reading both parts of this year! I had a lot of fun compiling the photos and words to go along with them and also to figure out my thoughts and feelings as I get closer to leaving.

The first part of the story is here.

The little house down the street

I happened to find this house down the street. I really loved the shape of the little house but then there was the big cactus in front. Suddenly I wanted both of them.


Living awhile in Cambodia

Cambodia living is a day to day expression for me in both Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. I’ll be blogging and writing my daily experiences as well as posting photographs on both. The photographs and commentary will be here and on Mastodon.

Somewhere Cambodia
Somewhere Cambodia

Phnom Penh

From 10 September to 1 October 2022 I will be living in Phnom Penh Cambodia to get a retirement visa extension but also to just come back to my sometime home. I have Khmer and expat friends in both Phnom Penh and Siem Reap so I hopefully will get to see them starting September.

Phnom Penh has been my sometime home for some years. I enjoy the city quite a bit. Walking along the riverside in the evening can be very nice. Phnom Penh is located where two rivers meet. The Tonle Sap and Mekong rivers coalesce here and the Tonle Sap will change directions and usually there are cool boat races and shows when that happens. The Mekong just flows through it all.

map of phnom penh
map of phnom penh

This blogpost gives you the basics and gives you an idea what the city looks like; but then there will be regular posts on the day to day, thoughts on getting back, and other thoughts. Because I always have other thoughts.

Daily Life in Phnom Penh

Central Market is the one place I go to find everything I could want. You can see the distinctive dome of the Central Market below.

Central Market
Central Market

The Russian Market has some other name but I like that name and some maps still show it. Food and a lot of nice rip off north face bags and stuff can be found but the neighborhood around the market is key. Small bars, coffee shops, restaurants.

Wandering around the city always gives interesting sights and sounds of tuktuks going, motorbikes dancing the streets, and beautiful architecture. It all combines into a hectic and busy and sometimes unique view of the city. It all makes daily life so much better.

Phnom Penh
Phnom Penh

Day to day most people will spend some time walking the river walk area. The walk takes you through many park areas and a lot of people out doing the same. I like to do the walk in the mornings and evenings and try to end up at a bar for sunset and the obligatory draft Angkor Beer and perhaps some food.

Riverwalk Area
Riverwalk Area

Living daily in Phnom Penh is not much of an exercise. What I have found is that all the services, food, and shopping are easily available. Laundry is usually done in the neighborhood where the service is paid for next day delivery by the kg. Shopping is best at local stores or shops which are on each corner but it is easy to find 7/11, Circle K or other convenience stores. There are also at least two larger malls where a variety of stores are anchored. Aeon Mall 1 is downtown and 2 is farther outside the city. There is also a very nice mall close to Central Market. I’ve enjoyed the food, coffee and AC there many times. In the evenings, the night market can be fun to visit and there are lots of street food stalls along the riverside. Many riverside bars offer tables to watch the sunset.

I think after staying in the city a number of times, a person can be selective with the neighborhood. What I like you may not but in the city, I want access to shopping, restaurants, and the riverside area. One of my favorite stays was at an Airbnb very close to the Palace and Museum. I could walk down to a few favorite restaurants and pubs easily. Other neighborhoods are busier. This area by the independence monument and the Vietnamese-Cambodian Friendship monument gets busy in the evenings. I have stayed there before but it’s a little too busy with cars, motorbikes and buses.

Close to Independence Monument
Close to Independence Monument

One thing to always bear in mind anywhere is safety of your personal stuff. I never carry a passport, wallet, credit or debit cards anywhere. These are cash economies and Cambodia uses the US dollar. Find a cheap every day carry bag and secure your phone, some US dollars to get through some days, and get a copy of your passport and visa on your phone. Done deal.

Siem Reap Cambodia

After 1 October, I’ll be moving to Siem Reap to live long term or longer term. This will be a day to day thing for me for some months so I’ll be first staying in an Airbnb and then finding an apartment to live in.

City of Siem Reap
City of Siem Reap

Siem Reap is much smaller than Phnom Penh but has a very nice social life. I know a few retiree expats that live there so I get to go back and find them, drink some beverages and catch up. Finding apartments to live in the city is pretty simple.

Around Siem Reap
Around Siem Reap

I already have a realty agent who will be meeting me after October 1 and taking me around in a tuktuk to see some places.

I will also most likely tour Angkor Wat again too. Because I can never get enough of these wonderful remains. So unique and significant, mysterious and beautiful. A tuktuk tour for a few days comes to mind in the winter when it is cooler.

Angkor Wat Archeological Site Complex
Angkor Wat Archeological Site Complex

Getting around in the Kingdom of Wonder

I’ll be also posting an update on some other places I will be visiting once I get settled in Siem Reap. Most of the travel around Cambodia is easiest in a bus. There are websites that make it easy to do this. One of my favorites is 12go. This is a meta travel site much like rome2rio but with no crap. One of the better bus services is Giant Ibis. Another booking service is BookMeBus. I use this site to get airport transit or I just hop a tuktuk and pay the fees with a little good natured haggling.

To get around cities or book tuktuk services, PassApp or Grab work well. Or just stop some tuktuk that is empty. Show the driver where you want to go on Google Maps and he’ll quote some price. It used to be $5 for anywhere. I bet it is different now. Much better to use a service that tells me up front what the cost is and the route. If you have not ridden a tuktuk maybe you actually did if you were in India. They look a little different but basically the same except for the larger tuktuks which can seat 4 people or two drunk expats.

Finishing up and writing about it

All of this becomes the daily expression on the blog and on my Mastodon instance. I post the blog posts to Mastodon often and tend to write on both daily. You can also expect some kind of Substack newsletter. I have been playing with the doing of it for awhile and what I’d write there. I think micropublishing is something I wanna try out.

Sunlight mornings and stormy evenings

Seems so wonderful the weather these days in Merida. I went out yesterday in the morning for some groceries. WalMart Express which is a smaller incarnation of the store is across the street and I really like their fresh fruits and bakery items. Down the street is a Super called Soriana in the mall I visit often. The food there is different but I like some of the fruit better. Right now as it happens, Dragon Fruit are in season so there are people selling them all over. I hope to see this young guy down the street selling them again.

and then…

The weather turns. By mid afternoon, say at 3pm, the clouds roll in and the storm starts. Yesterday from about 3pm to 7pm we had the weather so I listened to audiobooks, wrote a bit, wandered around on the web. By 630 or so with dusk approaching it got better so I headed out because I need to walk every day so I feel good. I had some things to think on as well and movement seems to always ease the process for me.

Anyways there were big puddles but I could find no really cool reflections to take photos of. In my neighborhood are all these streets arranged almost in a grid pattern where one walk in a direction and see the odd and even number streets sometimes in completely random order. Like I find a Calle 30 and then next to it is Calle 10 or something. Confusing? Well it helps to have google maps which is what just about everyone here uses. This happens most every day to me and I always laugh when one street has three different road signs with different numbers.

But now it is today and its simply gorgeous out. Today I do the laundry thing. Down the street a few blocks is my local lavanderia. I pay about $3 for next day service but I always tip them. My clothes come back clean and fresh the next day. Then after that perhaps tacos down the street or I will do something else. I like sitting in the mall but you probably know that already. It is an easy place to go sit and accomplish nothing.

Anyways, that is my day and some reflection on weather, streets, and wandering here.