Friday morning blogging

I had thought of writing a Thursday evening blog post. Actually started one but decided to let it go. Friday seems a better morning to start than the Thursday finishing up with doing mostly nothing yesterday. Took a day off walking. Now I feel like walking today :-). I do have a thing to do today. My todo list: pick up laundry And that is it. As you can tell I don’t do todo lists. I don’t do shopping lists or reminders because there is nothing to be reminded for either shopping or things “out there”. I even invented a...

Just reading my RSS tonight

Quick shout out to Mikka and the hot, hot temps he was discussing. Hope your days get better and the temperatures cool down so you can enjoy the walking. We had some warmer days in the 40s here in May and June. Had to really change the days and ended up at a mall for coffee most mornings and then in my airbnb for the AC goodness in the afternoons. Hope you have some options too. Sounds perhaps like you will with getting hotels and planning to get more comfort stuff. Take care and enjoy!

Welcome to Mikes Thoughts

Going backwards I guess to another time when I would publish these things. This time on some basic wordpress. I started a new micropublishing platform just recently here. Now I feel that the site needs a companion but I don’t really want something federated or on some mastodon or other social media. I created this site to just be the basic site to follow along with my SubStack. There’s not a goal here or a need to become popular or linked to. Just a place for me to write and consider and also accompany the newsletters. I can see a...