Cambodia Dreams

There are dreams my friends. Yesterday out walking I thought about things. There is the going here and going there. There’s things called plans and schedules and goals. Then there’s dreams. I realized that next year is a long ways off. Hell, even November is. Then I did the yoga and meditation practices. It’s occurred to me there is the now. All the things now here in Vietnam. I can decide the now things. Breakfast? Dinner? Beers? Or even where I walk and whether I take photographs or not. I usually do.

Then there are the things out there”. There’s nothing I can do about them now. I could fear and agonize over them but I normally do not do that anyways. I could try to plan eventualities. Sounds bad too. I could decide. There is no decision for then now. And I realized a basic tenet of existence. We spend lots of time dawdling over a thing that will happen in months. Agonize and fear and over think it. When the time comes to decide the whole reality undoubtedly will be different. So dreams of Ecuador or Cambodia are just that. Dreams.

I have the moments now to embrace and live and love. So I may decide to do X or Y. It may be a third thing as well. Who can tell? I can’t. So there is no time to do more than dream. And that’s good to know because tomorrow is really a sliver of a thing. I have no real list of things to get done in Hanoi and the weeks and months here. No fear. No anguish. No desire.

Just dreams.

July 26, 2020