Burgers and blogs

Today starts like most days here in Hanoi. Coffee in the room and some reading. I’ve sworn off the news from the US lately. So instead I read about books and mindfulness and other stuff.

Later today we have a schedule change! Going out for lunch with my friend Paul and the boss. We will do burgers down the street at my favorite place. Sunkats serves a mighty fine build your own burger. It kinda changes up the usual morning plan so I think some coffee by the lake a little later this morning will work for me. Maybe go to this bakery across the street and get some stuff to go with me.

I gave some thought to starting a second blog here or even trying again on There is no interest in either. One blog seems about all I can manage. I do like reading Maiques microblog a lot. I like the general idea of short posts or content a lot. I just cannot find the dedication or desire to have multiple blogs or try to define what would go where. If I were to go to another place to post it would be Then I would give up on though and only post there. Truth is I like this place a lot and I came here from Wordpress to find a place just like this.

So burgers and blogs. Expat talk and a different day in beautiful Hanoi. It all comes about. At least the sunkats burger is not a micro burger 😂.

September 9, 2020