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Hi all. I took some days off from writing here. Felt pretty good but I missed you all. Hahahaha. I had considered changing to a site and moving the domain over there but truth is is stuck with me and I like it here. I also cannot manage multiple blogs so I won’t do a micro type blog where something is written and then this place where something else is written. I don’t know the dividing line between one and the other or how people do it. So since I just write here as I please and do longer and shorter blogposts it seems the best use of time to just write here. I’m old and get confused easily😃. I do like how Maique manages and writes on his micro blog though. I like some of the community aspects of it too. It just comes down to where and when. So it’s here and now and not different blogs for whatever long and short form writing entails.

in other news

iOS and iPadOS 14 landed and I’ve been playing a lot. I love the new releases and have a few widgets on my iPhone 11 Pro. When I did android I was never into widgets there either so minimal is the rule. The iPad Air is more staid so I do very few. I do like the concept of stacking widgets but I don’t do it. I really like the privacy and security aspects but long ago went to end to end encryption for sensitive things like my end game for all stuff Day One. I gave up awhile ago on notes applications since I see no use to them for me. I also don’t have reminders or todos so I don’t need a notes or reminders app to track those. Finally I do not do knowledge management or second brain things. I tried the Notion app and it’s too much and too little. So in the need of simplicity I boiled it all down to a single thing except for a markdown editor to write this stuff. Now I am using 1Writer but also have iawriter and pretext. All three do what I need. Simple writing, focus on the words, file based. I don’t want something in some database. I want the files. The beautiful clear text files!

Finally in other news I’m gonna be leaving for a little trip in two weeks. Going to central and south Vietnam to be the tourist. In the longer range of vagabonding around things seem to be edging toward countries slowly opening here. Life in Vietnam is pretty safe. We have not had community infections of covid in weeks and the remainder of the cases are imported where people are returning from other countries and are put into quarantine and tested immediately. The borders are not open for tourism and it’s been that way since March. Only special cases and repatriation flights can get in.


So that’s about it for now. Hanoi is getting to autumn and the weather is a bit unstable. One day beautiful clear skies in the low 30s and the next thundershowers all night. Interesting but like the saying goes,

when it rains the best thing you can do is to just let it rain

Or something like that. Now I’m back. New batteries charged and thoughts on my last months here to come. All good for the blog since it’s based on the no plan plan and just going and changing as I want.

I’ll be writing on my little trip here to see some Vietnamese friends and one new city. Also the usual stuff about Hanoi and the occasional link to some photographs of what I see here.

September 24, 2020