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Blogging it all

I wanted to write this because it seems so many people need different sites for this kind of blog or that kind. Like some blog for links or some blog for short updates. Then yet another blog for technology and another for yet another thing. One almost friend from the Linux days has 6 different blogs all focusing on a different aspect of his life.

My take is that blogging is the centerpiece of my online life. It is here where I create the content, write the pieces, share my thoughts on life, living, going and not arriving. Why do I need so many online places? One I don’t get is I don’t see the need and never will to have a service that I list out all the services on. I also don’t see the need for a account or a account or a wordpress account or whatever. Each one being something slightly different to wrap up a single existence in. I did try this approach. At one point I used Hugo which I still don’t understand, Jekyll which I don’t understand. At the same time I had a blog there or there or there. Why do we persist in believing that we need some space for each thing? Each one seems to dilute our message. Instead FWIW try writing, creating, tooting, whatever but start on your blog. Your single place where you own the words.

I follow some blogs on RSS. I don’t particularly care for RSS news or readers. Nothing has changed there I can see but it is easy to follow blogs and news. I guess some people follow my blog via RSS too. My point is this is the single entry point to finding my single point. This blog is the only place to find my nonsense.

Don’t dilute the message or the messenger. Find your single voice and then share it out using POSSE or whatever they call it. Perhaps get webmentions or commenting working. I use Blot for this. Why Blot? Because at the end of the day, everything I own is in a folder I can access directly in markdown. The simplicity factor is I get away from storing files in libraries like Ulysses or Drafts. No matter how much you love all those things, nothing replaces files on a file system. From here I could use Typora if I wished or whatever but truth is IAWriter is the single emanation point because it just fucking works too. Simplicity for a single point. Yep.

Don’t blame the messenger or the message

We tend to diversify, find a service or platform we think creates something more or different but instead we just create more points of failure for our content. Whether you write little status reports like,

going to eat dinner at Frank’s house and then to movies with Luigi!

Or longer pieces where we multiply blah times blah for hundreds of times, we don’t need to do it in different places. Our one home is the place for it all. I don’t buy memberships in cute little services that amplify or distort the signal. It this blog, at this URL, at this time.

Don’t use Blot though. Use the one thing that floats your boat. Write the message. Be the messenger. Find the words that all collect and wait for you to manage them. I just wanted simplicity and ease moving from MacBook to iPhone. Blot is simplicity. Use your words and your place.

End of the diatribe.

February 21, 2023