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I went to visit Alin’s mom this weekend. It was like the time for her mom to welcome me to the family. Wonderful times reaching that point. This family becomes this part of me now. Here’s Alin, her mom and I.

There’s the point where I just wanted to be accepted. Not feel like a foreign outsider only granted a limited view. Alin’s mom told her later to always keep me happy. To live good lives and to please love each other.

I’m fortunate to have found her after I stopped looking. We took this step with her mom and we will come back again in months. I just feel this closeness to her mom now too and finally after the years of going, there is this final thing.

And we are happy with it. She does more for me than any one person should do and never stops doing. This wonderful Khmer mentality of devotion and dedication perhaps feels even richer now.

I hope everyone has their person that keeps them close, makes them feel loved and wanted and also tells me all she wants is me.

Today we go to temple and then back to Siem Reap. Other things will happen. This blog is meant to be my record.

March 5, 2023