Best of times

So the classic book starts. Then it becomes the worst of times. And you know what Mr. Dickens did with the work. As I flew home from Can Tho I thought through how swiftly things change when I want a change. It’s kind of sad because with the change of not going to the US I don’t get the laptop or the new iPhone 12 Pro since I had them shipped there. Some other things await my arrival too. But like I reasoned those are things. Fun toys. Nice things. Then there’s the times. The best and worst. Going to Hanoi is the best it seems. Going to California the worst.

A friend in Can Tho asked when I would go back. It’s always the hardest question when someone has asked where I’d go next even before covid times. I just never knew. Witness that I flew to Manila Philippines from Taiwan in 2019 primarily to see my friend AFT with the intention of staying. I only lasted a week there and left on a whim to have Christmas and spend days in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia which is one of my favorites where Manila is not. Then I changed and cancelled the entire Philippines trip and flew to Saigon Vietnam for awhile. Instead of getting the original flight from Manila to Narita Japan to go to the US, I changed that because of a volcano eruption in the Philippines. The rule has been there is no rule. Even now with covid flaring and sizzling in California, I realized there are no rules.

The same person asked where I would go if not the US. I don’t know that either. Like I said I’m not good with the planning. I just know I’ll go. Where and when has always been interesting.

So it is the best of times and I’m happy to be back to Hanoi. A bowl of pho awaits my pleasure later this morning. The wonderful medicine for the soul and spirit disguised in a bowl of beef noodle soup. But it yields the best of times.

The worst? I don’t know them. I always changed before they arrived.

December 18, 2020