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Bear Notes and Day One diaries

This is a bit off from the usual daily notes of life in Hanoi. Life here goes on much the same. Day in I go for coffee or even coffees. Day out it’s dinner. Many things captured in Day One and lesser for awhile as notes in Bear app. Each thing has a point though and while Day one is a personal end and often beginning and also stands as an encrypted thoroughfare, I had lessened capturing things in Bear Notes. The question was why?

what’s the difference between a personal note app and a diary app? Do we need both and why?

Answers were not forthcoming. Something though is a line drawn, perhaps invisible, through each. This fell down when I found diary notes going back to 2015 in my Bear archive. I had thought them lost after changing apps every so often. Yet I had them. All markdown or clear text formatted. Not easily imported to Day One.

I also found notes of last years vagabonding. Notes on Laos and Taiwan. Vietnam and Cambodia. Even Thailand. I had begun to write a longer story on my adventures in the US. Never really finished.

A capturing of moments perhaps priceless only to me. Stories of hoboing around Southeast Asia made me smile and tear up. The before times in the diaries were sad marks of a disillusioned life spent waiting. Waiting. Waiting.

Waiting to leave. I knew in 2011 I would go. I did not know it’s form. That 2011 me would, I think, high five the today me. I proved out for myself retirement can be more with so much less. Money is not the important or limiting factor. What is the most important and limiting factor then?

You are.

You make your travails and your limitations. You can break them. It may take time and notes and journal entries and changing life out completely. Here’s the point. I could not go with how I was. I had to change out. Had to become something else. Something less. Where everything fit in a 40 liter travel bag. Where life was day to day. Where debt and property did not exist. That was me through the years and fears and doubt. Those years like 2015. Prospects low. Marriage gone. Jobs coming and going. I had to change and arrange something.

Here’s the questions though.

  1. Do you want change in your life. To become less yet find more? Don’t believe that retirement is same same but different”.

  2. Do you want to find joy and happiness with your new life? Maybe retirement sitting in a McDonalds is not your Big Mac. How about sitting in a pub in Hanoi Vietnam sipping a beverage? Or maybe finding another reality. Look for the joy.

  3. Finally. What’s your expectation? My life is a day by day thing. I eat, drink, play, do some writing. Some wandering. There are places being old is not a sentence to despair. Don’t let that be your expectation. Here my Vietnamese friends respect and love me. I’m an old retired guy but my expectation is that this is how it’s supposed to be. What’s yours?

So that’s it on this Thursday edition. Found notes and old diaries lead to revelations and memories and moments. Try keeping your own journal however. Maybe you will find it one stormy day and the words will flow over you. Maybe gently challenge you. Perhaps scare you. It’s all ok. Just words. Or are they?

June 10, 2020

An escape