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Last night chatted with a few friends in Siem Reap about coming home. She was quite excited I think for me coming back and the gifts I am bringing for her. I’d be a liar if I said I did not love buying her things that make her happy. Today I haul back some perfume made in Vietnam for her. Stuff normally she would never be able to get or perhaps afford.

Other retired expat friends want to meet up for breakfast, hear about my days visiting Vietnam. One friend in particular D spent about 15 years working in Vietnam and knows many of the same places I do. We will meet maybe tomorrow at the usual breakfast place. Namely Viva. Where the eggs are cheap and the talk is plentiful.

They’ve told me that Siem Reap is really going now since it is tourist high season and lots of new people are arriving for their few day visits. Most of them do not go to the places I go even though they are right off Pub Street or in the neighborhood of old market and downtown. Like my regular coffee shop is right there but Noi is hardly ever visited by tourists. Their menus are in English and the staff is very nice and friendly. Prices are much lower than going to a more touristy place. Some folks do not understand the no food” thing but coffee shops in Vietnam do not serve food either. You just bring in what you want.

Anyways, it is morning in my wonderful king suite after about 10 hours of sleep and a few too many beers. I decided to blast through the Vietnamese currency I have left so ordered room service last night and had a few beers and actually watched news on TV. I could not last at the news. I have been away from TV for so long, it means nothing to me. I stopped watching American football years ago. The news is a foreign thing to me since I use RSS (which I really dislike for some reason) to get news and stuff. RSS is just boring to me. Nothing changes with it. The apps never have wonderful new features or discovery or ways of finding feeds like” the feed I am reading. What is hard about that I wonder? I dunno. RSS is just dumb news to me but I use it. I have about 60 feeds of stuff I guess. Some I just keep and hardly ever read. Others I occasionally enjoy reading. A few I read often. No way to grade out those into how often they fetch the feeds either. Yeah. I think that’s dumb too.

Anyways, I started thinking about breakfast and will probably take action on the thoughts soon. I am enjoying the king suite and blue skies of Saigon this morning. My last few hours left in Vietnam. Then home. Back to give the perfume and be scolded a bit for how much I spent but told how much she loves it. Back to breakfasts with retiree friends and discussing why the tuktuk across the street that blares the American cowboy music with the driver wearing cowboy boots and hat is a wonderful addition to the scene.

Back to writing about the daily excursions into a wonderful city to live in. Full of kind and warm people and cheap draft beer. Most of all these days she is here. It makes life so much nicer to have a person that sends me cute emojis across time and space.

Finally, just back. Finding the daily momentum and desire to do nothing at all again but just do it all in Cambodia instead. Deliberately not start thinking about going back in April even though my khmer friend C asked me to come to Phnom Penh in March. Back to no planning, no doing. Just like Jeff this wonderful meditation instructor would say.

just be

Yes sir. Got it.

January 25, 2023