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Back to Hanoi

I flew back to Hanoi today from Saigon. Very interesting and sometimes stressful. The flight lasts 2 hours. I was perhaps the only non-Vietnamese on the flight. It gave me some pause and it also made me think a bit of what we bloggers should do in the face of covid-19. Here are some things I would like to see bloggers do:

  1. Speak out with passion on the dangers and inform us with reporting from the trenches. Many expats are in countries that are locked down now. We look for a voice of reason. So how about you bloggers speaking to the pandemic directly. Without ads and affiliate links. Write with some passion about the times. Don’t hide behind your sponsored posts and your affiliate links. Speak with passion!

  2. You have enjoyed counting the continents and countries and discussing travel tips and itineraries. These places are made up of people though. Look at the human factor. Be bold and enterprising. Show everyone there is more to your conscience than merely counting your countries. Stand up and discuss! Write about the human factor. I have long thought that the new blogging elite are after the money pot at the end of ads and sponsored posts and affiliate links. Show me I’m wrong. Publish a thought piece on your blog on the human part of things. Surely you have seen that in your travels? Stop with the inane itineraries and plans and things to pack. Be brave and resourceful. Show that by blogging your conscience you can reach your loyal readers and give them your view on the human cost. I don’t see travel bloggers ever giving out their minds and thoughts and feelings. Now is the time to share beyond your itineraries. Write now on the people behind the itineraries.

  3. Be a passionate speaker for what you do. Engage and create things of value to you but most of all use the pulpit you have to speak loudly and clearly about the world, travel and your thoughts. Show us you care more for the people in all those places.

By doing this what do you lose? You lose nothing. What do you gain? You gain a voice. Become a speaker again of the human cost. Write passionately about covid-19 and how you see it’s cost. Go back to the bloggers of yore. When you were still packing your lunch box for school. Then writers worked to create and share visions.

I challenge you all to do just a bit of that. Cease the endless prattle about working with me” and tours and itineraries. Get thee back to the halcyon days of the act and art of creation. Be the voice that moves others to create.

Yes I would like to see bloggers create again without itineraries and plans and what to pack. Because the medium can carry the thoughts and feelings to far etched corners of this world. Be more you bloggers. Create more and then show us your thoughts. Travel is only half if that. Consider the voyage and the people you have touched.

Will you do it?? Likely not. Blogging has ceased being a voice calling out and become the ATM card of the generation. It was not always like this. It’s lost the shine of its convictions. Too bad. With that loss it has truly become popularity and followers and likes and not the value of the thought.

March 22, 2020