Back to blue skies

We had a couple of days of clouds and some rain. This Wednesday is looking good! Blue skies starting the day off. I think gonna be a nice day. I started using the writefreely iOS and iPadOS app awhile back for writing here. Normally I would write on IAwriter and then copy and paste the text into a browser window. I could create a bookmark on iOS on the Home Screen for pretty easily. Now there’s a new version of the writefreely app so I am gonna use that. At least for awhile. There are really nice markdown editors on iOS so it’s not a challenge to find one. I don’t particularly care for Ulysses so I don’t use. For me IAwriter works like a charm with a folder on iCloud for posts. Pretext and 1writer are nice too. They both read folders and not lock my stuff away in a database or hidden files. My favorite is the Drafts app for its flexibility and control but it uses a database and I prefer the more simpler route of plain text files in iCloud.

We had a bit of a COVID-19 scare here when someone that was cured and released tested positive again. The Hanoi city health and the hospital do what they always do. They do widespread contact tracing and testing. They isolate people and they kick some serious ass on how they treat the whole thing. All turned out okay after the MOH sent correcting messages out. We are at 80 days or so of no local infections.

Now masks in public have become a mandate again and a person can be fined 2m VND for not wearing in public places. Masks are no big deal here. People wore them before covid. I’ve gotten used to them.

So back to blue skies, back to writefreely app, still nothing to do. I did have to get my clean clothes off the line. Wow. That was some work. Also boiling water for my room coffee. Takes a lot out of an old retired guy. Hahahaha.

November 17, 2020