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Back to blogging

We got home last night. Then dinner at an Indian place we probably won’t go back to. From almost the moment we went in, we had issues. The waiter would not talk with alin but came to me. That got her going. She started in Khmer and English telling them to talk to her. She has a sense of being treated fairly for the money spent. And sometimes she has a short fuse. This time she was ready to tell them what she thought. Ironically enough, she paid.

She was talking about that all the way home and even when we stopped at Brand to look at shoes for me.

Being home

Meant better sleep. Nicer AC. Much more comfortable surroundings. Also it meant I took a moment and decided to start this post but never really did. So this is fresh stuff with a second delicious hot latte from Moonrise. Blogging kinda took another stage for me in Kampot. I probably started many posts but only pushed a few to Dropbox. Now I have the day. Words spring forth and this canvas will be painted on again. And again. Going nowhere in June. Waiting to see if a debit card I sent through the USPS will actually make it to here using the reliable cambodia postal service. Reliable? Well. It was cheapest and easiest from my mail service.

Now I’ve caught up somewhat. The days wind forward in slow spirals. Siem Reap moves toward rainy season inexorably. Just not today. Today I walk and do the things here. After this second latte.

See you later, alligator
After awhile. ˈkräkəˌdīl.

May 22, 2023