Back home in Hanoi

Nice to be back. Got in last night about 10pm. It’s a 30 minute ride to my place from Hanoi airport. Today nothing of consequence gets accomplished. Just like all my days. I will do a few small things. Buy some bottled water and fresh fruit, take some money out for rent for my room, and perhaps start my next novel.

🤪 There is no next novel because I never wrote the first one.

Weather here is cooler and cloudy today. We are in the midst of autumn in Hanoi so temperatures drop and the range is about 29 high to 21 low. Really nice weather for being out and about.

When I got in I met the Vietnamese woman I share the house with. She always asks after me and we talked about my travels a bit. There are 4 rooms that are rented out here. Two big and two small. I have a small room on the fourth floor. Works very well for my lifestyle. The woman stays on the third floor.

Now it’s coffee in the room and considering breakfast. Many possibilities arise! I don’t plan any of them. I just go. So now I’m back I saw an email from my ex wife. What will you do next she wonders. It made me think a moment about the concept of next. She means do I stay in Vietnam or Asia even or traipse somewhere else. Truth is I have no idea. I have no next. I have now. Getting email from her is always something. Usually it’s about a thing like our daughter. Less times its about another thing like where I am and if I’m ok. When we were married she hated the no plan plan. Things were charted out. Bills paid, vacations done, steps achieved. She can just go on with that. I stopped all that after 20 years being paid to do it. Now I don’t need no stinking plan.

So back home. Planless. It’s life in the now.

October 19, 2020