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Back Home and Stuff

It was nice to get back home to Siem Reap. Have not really been able to do the usual stuff I enjoy. Walking kinda took a hit and photography turned rather personal because Alin loves to take photographs and have her photograph taken. So we spent time doing that. I guess somehow I forgot that I have to get some nicer clothing tomorrow for a wedding we are going to tomorrow night. So tomorrow is about me buying some shoes and a nice (cheap) collared shirt. The shirt may be challenging since sizes are so different here. Shoes are no problem. I will donate the morning between coffee with Alin to finding a shirt and shoes.

I was able to take a nice walk this evening which felt so good. It dawned on me just how much I love this city. It has to be the most walkable city in Cambodia. Sidewalks well maintained all over the place and traffic pretty much obeys lights and signs. Nice to see! Kampot as small as it is cannot even get close to the conditions in Siem Reap. They just now are redoing the river walk area. Sad really. They should have done it during the pandemic and been ready for tourism. Kampot is not much really of a tourist thing. There are some things to do but It just seems like a dusty and dirty little town to me with a lot of hellacious looking expats. Some of these guys look frozen in time from decades ago and sit in little knots of others drinking beer from the morning on. I told a Khmer friend of mine,

Imagine coming all the way over here, to wonderful Cambodia, to sit around and drink with a bunch of old white guys

Seems incredible but true. They never do anything I can see besides sit in the social knot they have, gesticulate sometimes, have animated discussions perhaps about how much their guest house charges, and wander from one little bar to another little cafe where expat is spoken.

I don’t care for expats at all. So I stay away from them. Felt the same way in Vietnam when I lived there during pandemic times and before. Best thing for me is to stay away. I won’t go to expat only places but I do like the Beatnik Bar because it seems a wild place with a mix of interesting Cambodians, expats, and tourists.

On the walk

I got thirsty first on the walk today so I stopped at my favorite juice stand and got a mango shake. I love those! Then I was hungry so I got street food for about $2 all told.

Then started walking again kinda sorta toward home. Mostly just enjoying the busy evenings Siem Reap has now. Walking the river road is always nice any time for me. I can see a thousand different little things each time.

Flash to today

Well, I started this blogpost last night and for whatever reason I just noticed I was not done. Today was a lesser day of few things to get done. I had to go do some shopping for a Cambodian wedding party tonight we are attending. I also spent the morning with breakfast at the Temple Bakery and Coffee shop doing not much of anything.

For some reason after I took this photo at Temple it dawned on me just how big the red lamp is and how it looked like some old brain disruptor device in a classic sci-fi movie. Yeah? I dunno. Perhaps it does. Lower the big red thing over the brain bucket and whammo! We suck your brain juices out. Strange location of things perhaps.

Now I sit in a AC apartment with music going. Waiting to shower soon and go to a Cambodian wedding. Food and drinks aplenty. Dressing up a little for me. A lot for Alin. Photos to come I fully expect.

Have yourself a great day. Siem Reap says so and you must obey.

February 20, 2023

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