August finishing up

I’ve been here in Hanoi Vietnam now six months. It’s longer than I would have stayed without COVID-19. I would have probably left in May for Phnom Penh Cambodia and stayed awhile. May have gone to Siem Reap as well. Maybe to Kampot. Then this month I had thoughts of Malaysia. I miss Kuala Lumpur a lot. Finally November would have come and I may have gone elsewhere. I had a few places I would have liked like Sri Lanka. I had not really considered 2021 much but there’s always a place around a corner. I often pick the longer stay places with no visas. I can get into Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan with no visa and get 90 days free. Until again COVID-19. Now those things are definitely 2021 items.

For the next six months I stay in Vietnam. Then I don’t know. I have thought of a change like living in Ecuador for awhile. They have nice retirement or pensioner plans for retirees with proof of income. Other places like Costa Rica do the same.

Truth is Vietnam is good. It’s safer than most other places. If we run down the positives:

  1. People are nice. Very friendly and authentic and there is the legendary Vietnamese hospitality to all.
  2. Food is good and most often cheap. Street food is all over here. Cheap pho and bun cha stands on every street. Banh mi sandwiches dot the city. Fresh fruit is obtainable on street corners and local markets. It’s really good.
  3. Coffee. Well coffee is a big deal here. It’s big in the central highlands where both arabica and robusta beans grow and each place has its signature. Here it’s egg coffee.
  4. Beer. Staple of life. Buying beer is very reasonable since just about everyone drinks here. Restaurants serve the beer often with glasses and ice cubes because it’s warm here. I like that a lot.
  5. Finally cost. Cost of living, drinking, eating and enjoying life. It’s all easy here. I can live a really good life here in Hanoi for the year I am here and eat as I please.

With all the positives I’m not meant to just settle down in a place. The movement between countries has been an element of my life for years. So as August closes down I am always looking to see if I can go. Go to Cambodia and see friends and stay there for a year. Maybe. Who knows. Each place is an entry and then after awhile I wish to go.

I do know I am good here until February 2021. It’s a long ways from Toms Coffee and my breakfast today. I’ll do some writing and mostly enjoy life here. It’s pretty easy to enjoy.

August 25, 2020