Another day…

Beautiful weather. Loving the clear skies and warm temperatures. Today will do the usual stuff. Go for walk later and have coffee sooner again Niki Coffee and Tea. Tomorrow I fly back to Hanoi. I’ll just update this as I go today. I’ve been using this indie app Taio to create the posts. It’s a nice editor with really nice markdown support. It does wikilinks and backlinks whatever those are. It’s also actively developed so new releases come quite often. It also saves to iCloud. Some of my favorite little features while I sit in my hotel room lazy doing nothing.

  1. Nice markdown support. Not half baked like some apps. Taio does nice with things around text.
  2. Automation snd clipboard support. I guess for the pro or lifetime version only. I bought the lifetime version. You have to support the developers and community and then you get more back.
  3. Nicer iPad app. I really like both form factors but on the iPad it’s really nice.
  4. There’s probably more like smaller app size, fast to launch and sync, does not futz with databases of files. I want only iCloud syncing.

While I’m sitting here I just updated day one and now you can merge diary entries. Very cool. I also decided to get Lightroom mobile since they let me know they fully support Apple ProRAW now. For me the best plan is the 1tb Lightroom plan. I think Lightroom is probably the best choice for mobile photo editing and I’ve been shooting more with ProRAW so I like editing the resulting files and having them sync across devices. Having 1tb gives some breathing room as well.

Now it’s time to do some more of nothing. Off for some morning coffee soon.

coffee times

The original place was not open I wanted to go for coffee. So back to Hoa Cau. It’s nice too. The place has a few levels and is completely open which I have found to be very relaxing. No glass or doors between me and the view. Across the street is the international massage hotel. Hahaha. I like that name. So I can sit now at the coffee shop and do nothing. I’m getting so good at doing nothing. I think Can Tho city is slower and kind of propels me to sloth. The river across the street has boat traffic puttering by. It’s like time slows down to the pace of the river. Sunshine dimples the surface and clouds dance in their reflections. Faster boats move by creating their own currents and shadows.

You can sit here and feel the lack of pace. Lack of hurry. Like one of my favorite meditations go,

low and slow

He would approve of the river and it’s slow meditative path.

It’s interesting reflecting on my coffee time. It took me months after I retired to go low and slow. Many weeks I still felt the meetings and webex mantras. Like I could not slow the pace. Until a day in Tokyo Japan almost a month after leaving and I realized I had nothing to do. I could read on my kindle. Or I could not. I could sit and watch the busy Japanese bustling on their work ways and practice my widening gait of coming to terms with nothing. Consider the word nothing. It means no” and thing”. Even when we do not our words are still lined up with things. Success and accomplishment. Failure and loss. Today and yesterday and tomorrow. All things. Letting them go is not a momentary diversion dear readers. We spend a life on something. We measure it, define,it, prioritize it. Then we hate it when we don’t measure or define or reach the priority. Some of us do this our lives through. We set the standard of a life of something.

Over coffee I realize it’s when I sat in Starbucks in Shinjuku Japan I realized the downfall of it all. Propitious and thankfully the end of the detritus of goals and timelines and milestones and lists. I also killed off responsibility. I became the antithesis of my old self of something.

But the lack became more. And suddenly time became nothing.

Then I knew. I was meant for lesser things and I finally found them in Japan.


back to what?

Meanwhile still the coffee and the moments. The bird dashing down the sidewalk and stopping to peck and stare sullenly at us invaders. It’s like they are saying,

we were here first you know you stupid humans

I know. I know. Stop glaring at me.

March 16, 2021