Amtrak Tales

I finished up with Orlando Florida yesterday and boarded the Silver Meteor train for New York. It’s an overnight voyage and now I’m in Washington DC. Taking Amtrak requires rethinking things but it fits with my approach to vagabonding around. Basically,

  1. Don’t be in a hurry. If you are riding Amtrak the joy is not in arriving but the going itself.

  2. Don’t book connecting trips within an hour or so of arrival. Each of my connections are 4 hours later.

  3. Give yourself time but enjoy the moments. Nothing beats the everyday things you will see from a train that are invisible when flying.

For me the act and art of train travel harkens back to a yesteryear when my mom and I would watch the trains roll into Lancaster station. Beautiful cars and equally beautiful people would be seen. I remember thinking then that one day I would venture forth myself. See those sights and tell those tales.

It has taken awhile to reach the moment again. From my mom holding my hand to the world opening it’s hands. That little me then would be amazed if he could see. Maybe my 7 year old me would nod the head, smile that bashful smile, and tell this old version that some good things require patience. Much like riding Amtrak. With age though has come things far beyond the ken of my 7 year old self. Amazing and sad. Wondrous and tearful.

I reached the moments perhaps then that could not be seen. From the window of a Silver Meteor with the opening act of sunrise showing me another day. Another set of moments. Truly these are Amtrak tales.

February 3, 2020