Alas Facebook I did know ye… just not well

I had posted here about doing things on social media awhile back. One of the sites which stayed around when I retired was Facebook. LinkedIn went gladly, Reddit because I never used it that much, quora awhile ago. I had deactivated FB but felt in looking at things and what I want it’s not serving me well. Or at all. I don’t do Twitter or Instagram either. So in a few days FB will go away to the deleted social media accounts. I’ll miss my true friends there that are here, back in the US, many in India, or wherever. I won’t miss the incipient spying and stuff and the lack of quality there.

I will not leave mastodon because it’s my home. I appreciate the instance I have and the people I’ve met. I enjoy sharing photographs and discussion there. I also will stay on some encrypted systems like signal.

For the rest of it, alas. I knew ye but started hating you Facebook with the election. I basically unfollowed everyone and I still had that nasty feeling that simply doing that or deactivating the account was not enough.

Bye bye FB. You were always so much less than you could be. And I want just what I have now. You don’t fit with your round peg. Just like LinkedIn. I grew to hate the professional connections site when I retired and questioned why I needed professional connections.

If you need to find me, and I don’t know why really 😃, I’m at Of course the blog here continues and I’ll dazzle or dumbfound you with all the quality you read hereabouts. Greets from the wonderful, funny, sometimes strange Hanoi Vietnam. I’m here until I go.

November 6, 2020