I really started this site anew to focus on just writing and get away from any high level goals around things. Perhaps get back to some basics. The site runs now on Blot.

What you may find here are stories, posts about writing, and personal detritus and diatribe. Oh. And photos now and then of places. The site has no real goal or meaning except to make me happy. I should mention that this is not a travel blog. If you are looking for tours and plans and that sort, this is not the place for you. This is about the going. And I just go where I please when I please. Then I could write a story or two. My Going West stories are mashups of fact and fiction of my times.

If you are curious about me, I don’t know why but I spent 20 some years working in IT as a program manager for critical applications and their infrastructure in cloud, premised, and mixed data centers. I managed to work for some big guys in the Silicon Valley and a few smaller. I also worked for a few Linux and open source startups back in the .com days.

Before that I had my passion thing. I did professional archeology across the southern plains, deserts, and a lot in California, Nevada, Utah. This lasted for 15 years or so. I managed to obtain a Master’s Degree in Cultural Anthropology focusing on prehistoric new world archeology from a school in New Mexico. It is still my love and passion although now I practice from the writer’s distance.

Now I’m back in Asia. This is my place. Living in Cambodia and enjoying the hell out of it. I am so happy to be back to this wonderful chaos, random life, and joy I find in my day to day here.