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A long time ago in toot time

Well no grand title comes to me. Anyways awhile ago I had my only presence on the fediverse at I posted regularly there and then due to Mike stupidity I deleted the account. I went to and loved it there but left. Left to nothing.

I realized that I needed a social site to participate in. So I went to a pixelfed instance. Then back to the mastodon instance that I’m on now. Just one I chose to share blog posts, toot photos and some commentary.

What I’ve realized through this voyage is I want to be back where I started. Back on I also realized I cannot do multiple fediverse sites. Something has to give. So with the move soon back to I will simply stop on pixelfed. Like with the blog a single home for me works best.

I think the account change happens early next week. I have an invite to join I’ll post one last time on pixelfed telling people I will only be on

I don’t know how people do multiples of anything. So anyways when we get back to Siem Reap from Kampot I’ll do a few things. Oh. You need a photo from Kampot? Sure. Here ya go.

Just another slow and idyllic moment at Gecko. Love this place. So like so many places Alin has taken me. Now we sit and have morning coffee by the river. Feel mad that people toss plastic crap into this beautiful river. We always talk in the mornings. Share photos. Discuss life. Laugh.

We just go about life in the present moment. I figure with morning coffee, a lover and friend and companion like Alin, I could ask for no more. Soon goodbye to Kampot. Don’t know when we come back.

See you soon back on dear readers.

May 18, 2023

On our way