Thursday blog post

I could not come up with a catchy title this morning over my coffee in my little room. Instead I am sitting here with the window open and feeling the cool air streaming in. We have had cooler days and supposedly the next few days will warm up considerably and then will go way down for a few days and bounce around there.

I have a little over a week left here. Been some interesting times. Imminently forgettable is Saigon as usual. Hanoi though and the people and places and food and fun. I’ve met a few people here like my friend David that is a housemate. We went out for tacos to a nice place in Tay Ho and stayed for beers. I also met this charming and quite nice French woman named Celia. I love listening to her talk. She can say just about anything and it sounds good! We went for Bun Cha and had coffee a few times at the lake.

Yesterday somehow I ended up at the Temple of Literature here. I love walking there. It is truly a beautiful place to stay awhile. With Tet coming up, Vietnamese go in traditional dress to get photos done there but also visit the Steles. I ended up walking back and hungry so I just called Grab and got a sandwich from the excellent Hanoi Sandwich House. Their Ultimate sandwich with gravy and cole slaw! Yeah!

Today will go for coffee later with David but I think first is pho this morning in a bit.

My writing here

This category will wear out this time in a little over a week. It may be the blog moves to Blot after I get back. I don’t feel this is a done deal yet. Truth is writing in Ulysses and using its excellent integration with Wordpress has been very nice for me. The hosting service I use which wraps itself around DigitalOcean but does all the maintenance for pesky Linux servers is top notch. I don’t want to ever deal with VPS or self hosted crap ever again but I want the freedom to write what I write. Wordpress with Cloudways has been nice.

I don’t know if blogging almost disappeared because I have been doing it. Not different blogs or services for different things. What I believe is for me the blog is the start. I could do without mastodon and federate the blog using ActivityPub and still serve up my very own thing. Truth is though, I like being on my instance now. I made some mistake or error before leaving and deleting my account but now I have this home again with admin folks who care about the instance. As I wrote before I think we are all social beings and we have been since I remember finding rock art in caves in the Mojave Desert. We cannot just do without a social network whether it is friends we run into or a work group or some other entity. What we can do is use the power of choice made intelligently about how we build our networks. Anyways, for me at this point having my blog using the ActivityPub stuff is no big deal. It is a plugin to install. Same with webmentions which I enjoy. I often publish the blog in a toot to my instance as my bit of sharing but the blog stands on its own in the fediverse. You can find it on my contact page and search on your fediverse home. It may just work!

bringing it all back

So that’s the writing here on a Thursday. Hanoi slips away to be replaced by Siem Reap and home. Friends in Phnom Penh want me to visit so I decided I will go in March and April on a little Cambodia trip. Gonna go back to Phnom Penh for a few days and then on to Kampot and Kep. Siem Reap is home though and it feels so damned good to say that. I also found this place to live which I find comfort and joy in. I love the little neighborhood we have, the restaurants, the people. Walking by and being greeted with smiles and hellos. That’s the home I love. A week from Tuesday I start heading back. First to Saigon for a night and then from there to Siem Reap non stop. Is life not good if you are me? Hell yeah!

Take care all. Some photos soon on wandering Truc Bach later today. One of my favorite little destinations to do nothing in.

January 12, 2023