Migrating to blot soon

Hi all. I have been thinking of this awhile. There were a few things I wanted to see if I could do there. One is to setup webfinger. This lets me be a member of the fediverse with minimal work. The second is to get all of my posts into blot in markdown format. David Merfield will take my Wordpress export file and create markdown files to put onto Dropbox. Finally I want to get webmentions support working. There is a path for that as well.

This will give me a friction free posting approach and will let me move to using IAwriter for everything. It also means I can import years of posts from before. Finally I get some of the indieweb stuff which I want.

I will be sending the Wordpress export file off to blot tomorrow and getting my account setup. Then will be ready with some dns changes and work on webfinger and webmentions. I’m not sure when I will change things but I’m going to stop posting on my Wordpress site now. I want to only do one export file.

Commenting will no longer be available and I don’t plan on implementing comments.

News writing

January 12, 2023