Hanoi times slowly slipping away

I missed yesterday writing here for a few little reasons like I did not feel really publishing the post I started about this friend of mine here. I wanted to share a thing or two about him but I thought on it through the day and I decided not to. Not too personal really but more like a thing the blog did not have to bear.

I find my times here slipping away. Hanoi and I had each other for about 3.5 weeks. I am down to a little over a week of walking, writing, taking photos. I’ve realized I won’t get to see some of the places or take some of the walks and it is ok. I’ve been playing with coming back to Vietnam in April but missing Saigon completely and starting with Da Nang instead and seeing central Vietnam around there and reaching Hue and then taking the train north to Hanoi. I once rode the train south from Hanoi to Saigon. That took 30 some hours. I don’t really want that again but it was fun.

So today I think is meeting this housemate for coffee and then Bun Cha next door but I will try to reach the Citadel and take photos there today and then go to Lenin Park next door. The park used to be HQ for skateboarders and was fun to watch people having fun and there are nice benches to sit on.

So that is my day in Hanoi. One other thing I have been thinking on is migrating the blog off Wordpress back to Blot. I have years of posts that David migrated for me before from and when those services did not live up to their promises about taking my data with me”. Honestly, that is nonsense so I will never go back to either.

So I think if I do leave Wordpress it will be when I get back home. I am not convinced really there is a better place to write along with the wonderful integration with Ulysses I have now. Blot takes that to a different place. It creates a frictionless writing place for me just using things like Dropbox and IAWriter and I lose the subscription to Ulysses. I would always pay for Ulysses and writing other things is a joy. I don’t need some tools like Drafts or Craft Notes. I just need the one thing.

So a few things to think on. Still thinking on my friend and his issues here. Perhaps watching the days go by here both fast and slow.

January 11, 2023