a blog post a day the Hanoi way

I’ve been wanting to write something for the blog every day I am in Hanoi and I think been doing pretty good. Also sharing a few photos here and there. I have two weeks left here and soon the holidays will start here big time. Today I go to the old quarter to buy some Vietnamese perfume for this special Khmer someone. She has asked me a few times to make sure I don’t forget her. Of course, I know nothing about perfume so I enlisted my friend V to help out. She can also just speak Vietnamese to the store person and explain. I’ll call my friend on WhatsApp and show her the choices or at least send her photos with descriptions.

Hanoi has been as it ever way to me. Exciting, chaotic, sometimes strange. Always fun. Today will see me going to an ATM machine and then trying again to reach an old favorite coffee shop here. Back before we would go to Tom Coffee a lot. They obviously made good coffee but also the pancakes and breakfasts were so nice and touched many different kinds of food choices. I think will leave for Old Quarter kinda early and wander there and end up at V’s house in the afternoon.

Having only a month means some things cannot be done or places reached. I had decided with the month evisa to just do Saigon and Hanoi this time but focus on the people and places here because Hanoi has always seemed so much better to me. Now my month slowly dwindles and I find this week and next are all that is left. My friend Lily asked me to come back in April but if I do, I would probably go a different route then. To tell the truth, Malaysia has been calling a long time to me. I’d love to go wander there awhile but the other thing is Siem Reap has become home to me. I miss my neighborhood and the people. I miss my friend there and can’t wait to take her out for dinners and spoil her a bit. So perhaps the wandering will be less numbers of days and maybe more in Cambodia. Lots of places I in Cambodia I want to reach again. Kampot and Kep are two of them. I have friends in Kampot that are retired living there I have not seen for awhile. Kep would be fun for a resort stay and there are beaches close to both.

But now it is my Hanoi and winter here is cooler and the sun decides to make an appearance later in the morning most days. It is nice for coffee and thinking and reading. Also meeting the nice and rather pretty female French tourist that is staying here awhile. She wants to go do coffee tomorrow so we will have to do that.

Now I think I will finish cooking this blog post with no photos but just a reminder I update the photo gallery I linked to before almost daily. I also have begun doing this 2022 thing much like my friend Mikka. Mikka did his by month which I thought was cool. Mine will be by place. The real thing is to tell the story that wraps around the photos. Because each month for him was compelling or painful or mixes of both and my few locations in 2022 are probably similar. Bad and good and between. I’ll get done and the page will show up on my blog menu right next to the Now page maybe. I just work on it in the blog page editor so I can embed smugmug photos easily.

And that is all. This post has been fully baked and I tested the temperature. It is ready maybe, sorta, kinda.

January 9, 2023