Taking a day

I’m about halfway through the entire thing to Vietnam. The last few days I have managed to do things, see a few people, find some stuff which I loved. Other things silently disappeared during the pandemic. I’m happy the food places still exist. The walking trails are never the same I choose. I could walk the same walk every day and not see the same thing. In Hanoi little things rule. The way a sign tilts into the little Hem to the left, how people gather at coffee shops, where the street food stalls explore across the sidewalks. How food is just about everything here. Coffee shops that give me moments.

My Aha MomentMy Aha Moment

My Aha Moment

I’ve kinda watched the time tick down because now I am on a 30 day evisa. It has limits and that limits me to having a set number of days left to enjoy how moments explode in each one.

I’ve also had some time to myself. I’ve taken days off from going and just enjoyed the coffee at the lake, seeing an old friend for a burger, finding that compelling and peaceful thing that is on the side from sometimes the activity levels of Hanoi. Hanoi is definitely not as frenzied as Saigon and there is this feeling of belonging here where in Saigon I was just this guy on the walking street or walking in district 1 somewhere else. Hanoi is personal to me. Saigon is not.

So today I woke up. Voices calling out. Hear the motorbikes dueling on the main road. Fruit vendors sing out. A thousand hellos made and sent. Instead I will do nothing today. I will settle back into just how much Hanoi transcends by taking the slow walk to the French bakery I love later. Writing this post is also my desire. Because words matter to me and firing up Ulysses to write is a joy to me. I always feel the virtual pen far surpasses my sometimes desire to not write. If I wrote for others or wanting some nice community or even comments, I’d find wonderful and catchy rhythms to the posts but this instead is a journey of one. My journey has stops and starts. Errors and finishing words. In two weeks Vietnam will finish for me. But in reality it never does. I will likely be back in April for another 30 days and end up in Hanoi again to see my friend Lily. More words tossed down on some realm.

I’m glad I don’t write a travel or lifestyle blog. About this time I would be telling you the perfect 3 days to spend seeing Hanoi or the must try foods to eat. Instead I will just come back and write more here about how my moments go by. This time, next time. Time sucks.

Instead I take my moments today to do absolutely nothing. And revel in it.

January 8, 2023