Saturday Pho

I really enjoy a few simple acts mornings in Hanoi. This morning went to the local Pho place where the lady knows the orders and brings me this wonderful bowl of goodness.

Pho is good food!

For some reason, I decided to go backwards a bit and found myself looking at photos of Quy Nhon City in central Vietnam. There is a story associated with going. It is both painful and pleasurable like many stories are.

Once upon a time I met this Vietnamese woman. She and I would go out when I visited Saigon. she worked in a nicer hotel there and I stayed a few times. The hotel manager would arrange her shifts so we could go have dinners together when I visited. I would come to Saigon frequently but usually I was on my way elsewhere. I never did care for Saigon. Anyways, after a year moving around visiting Singapore, Malaysia, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Taiwan and returns to Vietnam every so often, I lost track of her or perhaps she decided things had changed so it was time to move on. I never questioned it really. I’ve just lived with the facts I am not good with relationships especially with women. One friend (happened to be a woman) once told me I am just too private but what I think really I’ve written here before. Basically,

we never understand another person. they just let us know what they are comfortable telling us

Anyways, this brings me to Quy Nhon City. I had never been before but I managed to find this woman again and she invited me to visit a few days because she was working there at this new hotel. Quy Nhon is a beach city and I had never heard much about it. I decided to just go. So I went.

I spent three days wandering around during the days and taking her out night. Things seemed pretty good until I left. I sent her a text message telling her goodbye and I would miss her and to take care of herself. That was the last message ever. I did enjoy the beach there but it seems many of the photos are in solitude or of solitary things.

At the beach in Quy Nhon

Perhaps the city knew when I left to fly to Saigon, life would make this basic change.

As I mentioned, I never did hear back from her. It has been a few years now. I came away realizing yet again about how tenuous relationships are when perhaps you learn more than the person wants you to know. You see, I had caught her in lies before. I saw this facet of her exposed that was ugly and mean and low. I lived with it then in favor of wanting to find her again.

Stupid? Yeah. But I think we forever want to find kindred souls and often we learn too much and both sides are scared off. Maybe there is no lesson to be learned from this post for you. Perhaps it is just an old retired guy wandering at the keyboard on a second blog post of the day. Remonstrating on old photos. Remembering times that seemed good and flawed at the same moment.

I also realized shortly after I would not meet someone ever that I could just have some life with. That has been wrong thanks to Cambodia. I think there is a person out there now. Perhaps she is just as hesitant as I am. Maybe I carry baggage. Maybe like the Jackson Browne song Mystery Companion I just need to walk awhile with her and she needs to put a little work into me. I dunno.

She is stunning and remains a mystery. We all need some of that in our lives.

January 7, 2023