There went Hanoi

Today I was sitting at the lake for the morning coffee. No real plans which is always good. My iPhone buzzed annoyingly at me and I almost decided to ignore it. However I looked instead and it was my American friend Paul texting me.

Let’s go for lunch”.

So we went. Back to SunKat’s for burgers. On the way back toward my place, we met a pilot for FedEX taking an overnight in Hanoi. He lives in California so we stopped and talked about his life flying and our life doing… What is it we do? Oh. Enjoying life.

I decided to go for a little stroll since the sun decided to make its grand appearance and the skies turned this dark blue and Hanoi went in the same direction as my steps. Easy steps to take. Nothing to account for. A few photos to be taken because the whole photography thing for me are memories and moments and experiences. And I like sharing all of them because what is a moment if you don’t share it at some point? Perhaps that is what this piece of debitage and detritus called a blog is about too. Anyways, the beauty from the flag of red to the sky of blue.

There Hanoi goes

And Hanoi just was inviting and calm and yet full of energy. Life is like a reflection of sorts you know. I like building reflections but I also look for table tops, little puddles, mirrors in buildings.

Hanoi Reflects today

Most of all I see in all the reflections stolen moments of how life looks in many ways. I have two weeks left to reflect on what Vietnam has been this time. My thoughts perhaps reflect my unconditional love and passion for this country. The people, food, culture, and history all combine and sometimes just show in that one red flag on that one day when I walked a little after a lunch.

January 6, 2023