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A day between other days

I decided to take a day to just doing simple little things around my room today. Yesterday did this really nice walk and almost made it to Hoan Kiem Lake in the old quarter but decided that was another day of walking. There are so many directions I can go and steps to take here. Tomorrow I think will go to the Botanic Garden area and then walk through it and along the walking paths and exit this south exit which takes me almost to the Ba Dinh neighborhood I once lived in.

Since today is a day between, my friend David and I will be heading over to SunKats Burgers tonight to partake of their build your own burgers and perhaps some beer. David is a housemate here and it’s a lot of fun talking Vietnam with him because he truly loves it here too.

Sometimes it seems like it takes awhile to slow down and not want to just go so today I practiced the not going. I went for coffee at the lake this morning and then had Pho at this neighborhood place I have been so many times. Delightful to be remembered there and told welcome back. Then I walked to Goc cafe and had coffee and ended up at the lake at a bench or two for awhile.

Now it is the afternoon and I have about two hours until we go for dinner. I have a little under three weeks left and time is passing here. I don’t have any goals here so I tend to just go each day as I want. Hanoi has always seemed very welcoming and open to me and I can walk in so many directions to just reach nothing at all.

So coming up, more days of walks and day to day exercise of photos and places. Some seen before but still new. Other small streets and neighborhoods with decorations up for Tet. I will just get a little bit of Tet and go for dinner at V’s home and she and her mom will cook once again for me, tell me I am part of their family, and also let me know I am forever welcome. As I wrote it is kind of sad thing to be going but I also know that while I love it here, my home now is in Siem Reap. I love it there too and the lifestyle and people hold me very close. The neighborhood there where I live is wonderful with people waving every morning, calling me by name. The little store and coffee shop that I visit for morning or evening beverages. It is this wonderful piece of things that I just so enjoy.

You can always just follow along here or on mastodon or on my federated blog and have it all as you want. Words, toots, stuff.

Ain’t it all grand!

January 4, 2023